Coming Soon: Volume 2 of Elimu!

Following the success of our inaugural edition, we are excited to announce that volume 2 of Elimu will be coming soon. In the meantime, you can read the first volume here:

Volume 1, 2019

Volume 2 is coming soon for Elimu

Submissions are OPEN for Elimu Volume 3

Elimu: Undergraduate Journal of African Studies, of the University of Toronto’s African Studies program, is now ACCEPTING submissions for Volume 3! If you would like your work to be considered, please email them to by FEBRUARY 1, 2021.

We look forward to reading all of your submissions.

Call for submissions for Elimu Vol.3. Graphic has an outline of the continent of Africa over a sandy background.

About Elimu

Elimu Journal cover

Elimu is an undergraduate student-led and edited journal for cutting-edge scholarly works revolving around the study of Africa and its diaspora from students both in African Studies and across a variety of disciplines. We intend to showcase critical and interdisciplinary perspectives on Africa in a multipolar and globalized world, challenge the dominant narratives of our continent, and provide a platform for new generations, trends, and theorizing emerging out of African Studies and African scholarship. While this journal prioritizes work from students in our program, we also encourage academic, artistic, and creative submissions from the University of Toronto tri-campus and beyond.


The journal is also available on the U of T website and journal system: