Previous Research Placements (NEW497)

Below are examples of research placement opportunities from previous years. Please check this page soon for active placements. (Please note that due to COVID-19, not all organizations will be able to offer placements):

  • Hart House Community Engagement Research Assistant – For a student interested in youth/student programming, an opportunity to gain experience in research and program evaluation, specifically the assessment of the impact of socially-engaged and wellness-based programming for university students.
  • Hart House Youth Engagement through Recreation Participatory Research – For a student interested in sport and youth development (kinesiology, youth studies, community development), an opportunity to develop qualitative research skills and contribute to a community-based participatory research project based at Hart House and involving local community partners that work with marginalized youth.
  • Hart House Global Commons – An opportunity for a student interested in global social justice issues, who is keen to develop skills in engaged research. The position involves developing the research and knowledge base of Hart House’s Global Commons project, including reviewing scholarly literature on international dialogue on reconciliation.
  • The 519  – An opportunity for a student, passionate about pursuing justice for 2SLGBTQ communities and interested in media, to use and develop research skills in an anti-violence advocacy project.
  • The Leap – caring for the earth and one another – An opportunity for an activist student, passionate about environmental and social justice, to take on a range of research and knowledge presentation tasks to support campaigns and initiatives around the caring economy.
  • Matthew House – An opportunity for a student with an interest in refugee law and advocacy, to contribute to research in support of the Refugee Hearing Program.
  • Journalists for Human Rights – An opportunity for a student interested in international development, specifically, human rights and media development, with an academic background in Middle Eastern, Indigenous, African, Peace and Conflict, Development, Equity or Media Studies.
  • The Centre for Mindfulness Studies – This placement is for a student passionate about Mindfulness to gain experience in the delivery and evaluation of mindfulness programming.
  • Foodshare – an opportunity for one or two students passionate about food security, to undertake program evaluation and other research in support of a local neighbourhood food producing initiative.
  • Mindfulness Without Borders – This is an opportunity for students who are passionate about and advocates for mindfulness to deepen their knowledge about the value of mindfulness-based methodologies within the education and health-care sectors, while gaining practical experience in program outreach, partnership building and project management. (Could also be for NEW495).
  • Social Planning Toronto – A research-focused placement for students interested in developing social research skills and deepening their understanding of community engagement and participatory development in Toronto.
  • Livelihood Project – An opportunity for a student interested in refugee settlement, community-engaged research and education, to develop appropriate skills-training  for refugees.
  • Crossroads International – This is an opportunity for a student interested in international development and women’s rights to learn more about international non-governmental organizations and forms of collaboration with partner organizations, as well as initiatives supporting women’s rights and empowerment, while gaining crucial fund-raising skills in the international NGO sector.
  • Realize – This is an opportunity for a student who is interested in Health Studies (policy, public education, advocacy) and with a particular focus on HIV/AIDS.
  • The Centre for Urban Health Solutions at St. Michael’s Hospital – An opportunity for a student interested in health promotion, community mobilization, and the complexity of HIV stigma across contexts such as health care, education and the workplace.
  • Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) – An opportunity for a student interested in research, community health and public health education, and HIV prevention, to develop skills in social research and HIV awareness program evaluation.