This search engine searches through 159 newspapers from the Caribbean and the Canadian Caribbean Diaspora. A list of the papers included is listed below.

Search tips

Use quotation marks for phrases and multi-word terms

Searching for United Nations and "United Nations" will bring back two different sets of results. If you are looking for articles about the United Nations you will get more on-topic results if you place the term/phrase in quotation marks.

If you are searching for a specific phrase you can add asterisks if you are unsure which word is likely to be used at a certain point in the phrase. For example ""Jamaica's" * policy" will find a three word phrase that starts with Jamaica’s and ends with policy. This allows you to find all of the articles that discuss Jamaica’s education policy, defence policy, health policy, etc. in one search.

Use a tilde (~) to search for similar terms

Haiti ~disasters will find articles that contain words that Google considers to be similar to the word disasters such as earthquakes, floods, etc.

Place terms in parentheses and use the operator OR to search for alternate terms

("World Bank" OR "United Nations") "debt relief" will give you more results than searching for World Bank or United Nations by themselves.

Papers included


    1. Official Gazette:
    2. The Anguillan Newspaper:

      Antigua & Barbuda

    3. Daily Observer:

      Aruba (Kingdom of the Netherlands)

    4. Amigoe di Aruba:
    5. Bon Dia Aruba:
    6. Diario:
    7. Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (The Netherlands):


    8. The Abaconian:
    9. The Bahama Journal:
    10. Bahamas Press:
    11. The Eleutheran:
    12. The Freeport News:
    13. The Nassau Guardian:
    14. The Tribune:
    15. The Bahamas Financial Digest:
    16. Bahamas Tourist News
    17. Ca Mari:
    18. What’s On Bahamas:


    19. The Nation:


    20. Amandala:
    21. Ambergris Today:
    22. The Belize Ag Report:
    23. The Belize Times:
    24. The Guardian:
    25. The Reporter:
    26. The San Pedro Sun:
    27. Bonaire (BES islands, Netherlands)

    28. Bonaire Reporter:

      British Virgin Islands (UK)

    29. The BVI Beacon:
    30. The BVI StandPoint
    31. The Welcome (The Welcome Guide to the British Virgin Islands):
    32. Cayman Net News:
    33. Gazette:
    34. Key to Cayman:


    1. Granma:
    2. Juventud Rebelde:
    3. Adelante:
    4. Ahora:
    5. El Caiman Barbudo:
    6. Cinco de Septiembre:
    7. Dedete:
    8. El Deporte, Derecho del Pueblo:
    9. El Economista de Cuba:
    10. Escambray:
    11. Giron:
    12. Guerrillero:
    13. Invasor:
    14. Juventud Tecnica:
    15. Opciones:
    16. Palante:
    17. Pionero:
    18. Sierra Maestra:
    19. Trabajadores:
    20. Victoria:
    21. Zunzun:

      Curacao (Kingdom of the Netherlands)

    22. Amigoe:
    23. Antilliaans Dagblad:
    24. Extra:
    25. La Prensa:
    26. De Telegraaf (Caribische Editie):
    27. Ultimo Noticia:


    28. The Chronicle:
    29. Official Gazette:
    30. The Sun:
    31. Dominican RepublicEl Caribe:
    32. El Dia:
    33. Diario Libre:
    34. Hoy:
    35. La Informacion:
    36. Listin Diario:
    37. El Nacional:
    38. El Nuevo Diario:
    39. Arquitexto:
    40. Revista Social Sports:
    41. La Noticia:


    42. Barnacle:

      Guadeloupe (French Antilles, France)

    43. France Antilles:


    1. Guyana Times:
    2. Kaieteur News:
    3. Stabroek News:


    4. Le Nouvelliste:
    5. JamaicaDaily Gleaner:
    6. Daily Star:
    7. Jamaica Observer:

      Martinique (French Antilles, France)

    8. Antilla:
    9. France Antilles: Lutte Ouvriére:
    10. Le NAIF-Magazine:–2012
    11. Le Progressiste:

      Montserrat (UK)

    12. The Montserrat Reporter:
    13. Puerto Rico (U.S. Commonwealth)El Nuevo Día:
    14. Primera Hora:
    15. The San Juan Star:
    16. El Vocero de Puerto Rico:

      Saba (BES islands, Netherlands)

    17. Saba News (Online):

      Saint Barthelemy (French Antilles, France)

    18. Le Journal de Saint Barth:
    19. Le News St. Barth:
    20. St. Barth Weekly:

      Saint Kitts and Nevis

    21. The Labour Spokesman:
    22. The Leewards Times:
    23. The St Kitts and Nevis Observer:

      Saint Lucia

    24. She Caribbean:
    25. The Star:
    26. Visions of St Lucia Island Guide:
    27. The Voice:

      Saint Martin

    28. Daily Herald:
    29. Teen Times:

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    1. The Vincentian:


    1. De Ware Tijd:
    2. WaterKant:

      Trinidad and Tobago

    3. Newsday:
    4. Trinidad Guardian:
    5. Trinidad and Tobago Express:
    6. Newsday:
    7. Trinidad Times-Independent:

      Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)

    8. Times of the Islands Magazine:
    9. Turks and Caicos Free Press:
    10. Turks and Caicos Sun:
    11. Turks and Caicos Weekly News:

      U.S. Virgin Islands (US)

    12. St Croix This Week:
    13. St John Tradewinds|
    14. Virgin Islands Source:
    15. The Virgin Island Daily News:
    16. Tradewinds:
    17. St. Thomas Source:
    18. St. John Source:
    19. St. Croix Source:

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