New College Alumnus Burton Lim (1984)Describe yourself in 50 words or less 

I am an assistant curator of Mammalogy at the Royal Ontario Museum.  I completed my bachelor and doctorate degrees in Zoology at the University of Toronto.  My work at the ROM entails research, fieldwork, collection management, gallery development, and public education.  My research interests are in the evolution and biodiversity of mammals.

Why did you choose New College (be honest) and what were your expectations? 

I chose New College because one of my older brothers went there.  I did visit some of the other colleges but New College seemed more similar and more of a gradual transition from my high school because of the modern architectural design.

How did your academic and social experience at the University/College prepare you for life and your career? 

I have definitely used my academic experience at the Zoology Department in my career at the Royal Ontario Museum.  In fact, it was a course I took that was taught at the ROM which ultimately led to my job at the museum.

Tell us about some of the lessons you learned and how valuable they are today? 

One of the lessons I learned was actually not academic related but how to work with people in a group or team setting.  Whether it was through labs or working with a supervisor during my university days, being able to communicate and to work with others is a key lesson I continue to use today.

What was important to you then – what is important now? 

I think ongoing learning has been important throughout my time at university and now at my job.  I have been fortunate at the museum in that since completing my undergraduate degree and getting a job at the ROM, I have been able to return to graduate school to get higher-level degrees.  So I have felt like I have never left the academic and learning environment.

What are your major accomplishments and who had the most influence on your Career? 

My major accomplishments have been in the area of research and I owe this to the curator at the ROM who was also my professor at university.  He supervised me on a couple of course projects and introduced me to research before hiring me at the museum.

In your personal or professional life, what are you most looking forward to? 

Well, the ongoing learn experience I mentioned earlier is continuing as I plan on enrolling in the Fellowship in Global Journalism program at the Munk School of Global Affairs at U of T.