When New College was created in 1962, it was created with a purpose. There was a need – for additional residential space and for innovative academic programs – and over 50 years later we house programs in African Studies, Equity Studies, Caribbean Studies, Buddhism Psychology & Mental Health and Paradigms & Archetypes. Our students can live in our residences, spend the summer in countries like Namibia to collaborate on international research and training projects, serve as leaders of active and engaged student groups, and receive funding from in-house grants and scholarships.

And they can do this because of you. The work that went into this College spans five decades and 21 000 alumni, and took more care and dedication than can be conceived. And we are just getting started.

There are many ways to get involved with your alma mater, from the sharing a meal with students through Dinner @ New to sharing your experience through the Career Mentorship program. You can join us at Spring Reunion, share your memories and old photographs with the community, or support the College by giving to one of our priority areas.

This is an exciting time at New College, but it won’t be the same without you.