Since our foundation over 50 years ago, New College’s success has been measured by the opportunities we have created for our students.

There is no single path to get here. Our students have come from all over the world, but each graduates with the skills and knowledge to succeed in whatever endeavours they pursue.

Below are a few examples of students who have found their own version of success at New College, and whose achievements we are proud to share with you.

You can also read profiles of New College alumni.

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Sarah Dunning (New '17)Sarah Dunning (’17)

Sarah Dunning is a third-year math major and member of the Varsity Blues women’s golf team. She was named the University of Toronto’s Ontario University Athletics (OUA) Top Scholar Athlete for 2012-13. Sarah is the winner of the 2014 OUA individual women’s golf championship. She was named an OUA First Team All-Star and athlete of the week.

“No matter how much hard work you put in, no matter how much you train or study, if you don’t believe in yourself, you’re not going to be able to achieve what you want. That’s the most important thing – and it’s also the hardest part.”


Vanessa Grace Bart-PlangeVanessa Grace Bart-Plange (’17)

Vanessa Grace Bart-Plange is a second-year student pursuing a double major in international relations and political science and a minor in African studies. Originally from Ghana, Vanessa is a member of the first cohort of MasterCard Foundation Scholars at the University of Toronto. In addition to this prestigious honour, she has received academic awards from New College and the Faculty of Arts and Science. Vanessa is an active student leader, serving as secretary of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars’ council; member of the Association of Political Science Students; and social convenor of her residence floor. This summer, Vanessa volunteered as a social studies student teacher at a junior high school in Takoradi, Ghana.

“I like that professors here are welcoming; they want you to learn. As long as you’re willing to learn, everybody’s willing to help you. Those, and the friendships I have made here, are the things I value most.”


Jacqueline Allain (New '15)Jacqueline Allain (’15)

A fourth-year student majoring in History with a double-minor in Sociology and Caribbean Studies, Jacqueline Allain is a recipient of the Gordon Cressy Leadership Award and the Department of History’s Barbara Frume Travel Scholarship. For three years running she co-organized the Caribbean StudiesDiaspora Voices, New Directions conference and is the managing editor of The Future of History, the research journal of the U of T History Students’ Association. She has volunteered at the Centre for Women and Trans People at U of T and tutored with the U of T Medical School Saturday Program. Jacqueline has been an active member of Fossil-Free U of T, advocating for divestment by the University of its holdings in coal, oil and gas companies.

“I now strongly believe that … student-run, multi-disciplinary conferences that feature student work are extremely important, not just intellectually but perhaps even spiritually [providing] space for people of diverse backgrounds, educational levels, and life experiences to come together and discuss issues that affect their lives. That matters a lot.”


A photo of New College student Sam Killackey.Samuel Killackey (’15)

Samuel Killackey is a fourth-year pathobiology specialist. Since his first year at New College, he has played an active role in our community by serving on both the New College Residence and Student Councils as well as volunteering his time as an Orientation Week Leader. He has also contributed to the University of Toronto research community, including two terms as a Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology research student. Sam has received a number of academic and research awards, including several New College in-course scholarships and two Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program awards.

“[New College has provided me] the chance to meet people from around the world right from the beginning of my undergraduate life. These new friends have taught me more about their countries, and how my culture can be understood, than I may come across anywhere else in my life.”


Ashkan-AzimiAshkan Azimi (’14)

Ashkan Azimi is a fifth-year neuroscience specialist in the Human Biology program with a minor in Physiology. He has been an active mentor and student leader since his first year at New College. During his time at the university, Ashkan has volunteered for many organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters (New College chapter), New College’s First-Year Learning Community, and the New College Student Council (NCSC), of which he is now president. In 2013, Ashkan received the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award.

“I like to keep busy, because I fundamentally believe that a complete university experience is more than mere academics.”


New College student Lili Nkunzimana

Lili Nkunzimana (’13)

Lili Nkunzimana is a 4th year African Studies specialist. In 2012 she visited Addis Ababa with Professor Thomas Tieku as part of an International Course Module, which provides opportunities for students to enhance and develop their analytical and research skills through international field trips that take place during reading week. One she returned and had a chance to get settled, we sat down with Lili to ask about her experience.

“[In Ethiopia with Professor Tieku] we visited the European Union, Oxfam, UNECA, the American Embassy, and the Canadian Embassy, to name a few… It was the first field study I had ever done and it allowed me to write a paper that went beyond the synthesis of other people’s research. I was able to draw on my own experiences.”


New College student Katherine Bruck Lockhart

Katherine Bruce Lockhart (’12)

Katherine Bruce-Lockhart is a 4th year African Studies and History student. As an active athlete, mentor and student leader, she has maintained a 4.0 GPA and received a number of awards and distinctions, including UofT’s highly prestigious John H. Moss Scholarship.



“ U of T has not only prepared me for life after undergrad, it has also shaped the contours of the life I hope to lead by helping me to discover my passions and develop the skills to pursue them.”


New College student Sheba Grinhaus

Sheba Grinhaus (’12)

Sheba started her degree in 1977 as a part-time student before leaving in 1979 to raise a family and develop a bakery supply business, L&M Bakers Supply Co., that she still owns and operates to this day. She returned in 2002 to continue her studies, again on a part-time basis due to the demands of her business, and majored in criminology and history with a minor in sociology. Sheba is now considering post-graduate work.

“My perspective on life both socially and professionally has certainly changed during my years of study at U of T. My learning experience has broadened my way of thinking and how I view the world around me.”