The College makes a number of awards, each consisting of a certificate and a book prize, to graduating students who stand highest in their subject fields. The names of these students are inscribed on the Honour Boards near the Registrar’s Office. Four of the awards were established in honour of past Principals of the College.

  • Alumni Association Graduation Award (H.B.A. Degree)
  • Alumni Association Graduation Award (H.B.Sc. Degree)
  • Andrew D. Baines Graduation Award in the Life Sciences
  • J. Edward Chamberlin Graduation Award in Language and Literature
  • Donald G. Ivey Graduation Award in Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • George J. Leonidas Graduation Award in Commerce and Finance
  • Robert S. Lockhart Graduation Award in Psychology
  • Rex Lucas Graduation Award in the Social Sciences
  • Registrars’ Graduation Award in the Humanities

Other Book Awards:

  • Tricia L. Carroll Memorial Book Prize in the Life Sciences
  • Frederick I. Case Book Prize in Caribbean Studies
  • Guy Hamel Book Prize in Renaissance Literature
  • Janet Lambert Book Prize in Equity Studies
  • Ruth J. Norton Book Prize in English
  • Ruth Reiffenstein Book Prize in African Studies
  • Harris Rosen Book Prize in Sociology