Part-Time Employment: The University of Toronto Work-Study program provides part-time jobs for eligible students in academic and administrative areas on the campus, providing academic or career-related benefits. For more information on the Work-Study program, click here.


Ontario Student Assistance Program: OSAP is a government loan plan that is the primary and most extensive source of help for students with financial need. Applications for the Fall/Winter session are submitted online here, and students should apply by mid-June.


University of Toronto Advance Planning for Students: UTAPS is a financial aid program designed to assist students who are assessed by OSAP as requiring maximum assistance and whose assessed need is not fully covered by government aid. An online application is required, and more information can be found here.


Bursaries: Applications for grants or bursaries (need-based awards) are available on ACORN ( and from the New College Registrar’s Office beginning October 1st. Over 300 New College students receive assistance through University of Toronto Undergraduate Grants, and New College bursaries, which are awarded to supplement OSAP.


In-Course Awards: New College awards approximately 140 in-course scholarships annually to students who excel in their university academic work.


External Awards: The Admissions and Awards Office maintains a list of awards that are provided by external awarding organizations or agencies, available here.