Join New College VP Tara Goldstein and her research team as they launch their audio-play Out at School on April 9.

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Out at School, based on 37 interviews conducted in the LGBTQ Families Speak Out research project (2014-2020), was created and recorded on Zoom in November 2020 and edited by OISE graduate student and sound editor Doug Friesen from December 2020 to February 2021. 

The audio-play performers include New College students and alumni: Alanis Ortiz Espinoza,  Charlotte Stewart, Destiny Mae Ramos-Alleyne, Sandakie Ekanayake, as well as New College TAs Benjamin Lee Hicks and Bishop Owis.

The recording, mixing and editing of the audio-play was funded by the New College Initiative Fund.

Tara and her team are looking forward to seeing you there!


Date: April 9th, 2021
Start Time: 3:00pm
End Time: 4:00pm
Cost: Free