Opened in 1962, New is one of the youngest and most modern of the St. George Campus colleges at the University of Toronto. It has developed its own traditions and identity, focusing on personal attention to students, innovative interdisciplinary programs, links with the professional faculties, career mentorship and community outreach initiatives. New is a friendly and informal community which places a high priority on student support services and encourages diversity.

From admission to graduation, and then as alumni, our students are encouraged to think of the College as their home base and to take full advantage of its many services and activities. A university career involves a series of choices and the Registrar’s Office at New is always ready to help with information and advice.

Most New College students are enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science, proceeding toward an Honours Bachelor of Arts, Science or Commerce degree. About 4,500 are currently registered, of whom 1000 are first-year students. The College Residence community brings together Arts and Science students with members from the professional faculties, such as Engineering, Kinesiology and Physical Education, Pharmacy and Music.

The wide range of interests represented by our students makes membership in New College an education in itself. New offers a spirited and challenging environment in which students have the opportunity to broaden their experience, even to create their life plans, through meeting others from different fields. The College reflects, on a more personal level, the variety and interaction of the University as a whole.

New College’s conveniently-located facilities and residences are housed together in the same buildings or within a few metres of each other. This promotes contact among students and staff and makes it possible for those who commute to the campus to involve themselves more fully in College life.

The lower floors of the three buildings provide academic and social facilities for all members of the College. These include a Library with spacious reading room and computer facilities, staff offices, classrooms, dining halls, common rooms, music practice rooms, an auditorium and other recreational areas.