When students return to campus, the Gnu Lounge and renovated William Doo Auditorium will be ready and waiting for them at 45 Willcocks. We were able to drop in at the beginning of March to grab some preview shots, and we’re excited to share!


The Gnu Lounge comes with plenty of space to meet with friends or to get work done. There’s a small kitchen area for commuter students – and yes, there will be a microwave.


The Doo Auditorium is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The chairs and tables can be removed or rearranged for events, and the lighting panels make for a memorable look.


Stairs, chargers, and cushions, oh my! There’s lots of sitting space for students in the Doo, and, of course, built-in electric outlets to charge your phone or laptop.


The NEW green can be found across the Gnu Lounge, the Doo Auditorium, and in little passages like this. This would make a great place for photos!


One of the new signs at the Doo shines out green light, which stands out even more in the dark. If the lights are dimmed for a presentation, be sure to sneak a peek at it!


Until we get back, Goliath will be keeping an eye on things at 45. Here, New College’s CAO Ron Vander Kraats ensures Goliath will fit in his new home in the Gnu Lounge.