The University of Toronto’s St. George campus is large—71 hectares, to be precise—and can be a navigational challenge for anyone, especially new students. With in-person tours off the table, New College’s Office of Residence and Student Life (ORSL) saw a great opportunity to slowly introduce important locations to incoming students with Willcocks Ave as its starting point.

Every Wednesday through the summer, ORSL posts a new #WillcocksWanderings, where Baby Goliath takes us on a tour of UofT. There’s detailed instructions and pictures, helping anyone unfamiliar with the college and campus get used to the sights, whether they’re attending in person or online. We’ve highlighted a few below, but be sure to check out ORSL’s Instagram for them all!

Wilson Hall

Baby Goliath outside Wilson Hall

The first location is one of three buildings of New College—Wilson Hall! Often referred to simply as “Wilson”, this building is home to the famous Wilson Lounge where many events are held throughout the year. It also contains ORSL, the Front Desk, and New College’s Writing Centre!

To find ORSL, enter the doors from 40 Willcocks, go up the stairs and turn right. Go all the way across Wilson Lounge, and you will see ORSL on your left side. Another way to get to ORSL is to enter through 30 Willcocks, take the first door on your right, enter the elevator and go to the second floor. Go through the doors on your right, and ORSL is right there!

UofT Bookstore

Baby Goliath sports UofT merch outside the Bookstore

Located within the same building as the Koffler Student Services Centre, this is the place to buy all your needs. Students can get their course textbooks, class supplies, UofT clothing, snacks, and so much more! Did you know that you can rent textbooks or buy them second hand for cheaper prices at the bookstore?⁠

The easiest way to get to the Bookstore from Willcocks is to head toward St. George St., and then turn right. Walk all the way down to College Street, and there are a few entrances on your right side. 

Sidney Smith Hall

Baby Goliath enjoys poutine outside Sid Smith

This building, often called Sid Smith, is very close to New College and has many things to offer. You can find the Sid Smith Cafe to grab a bite and the two spacious student lounges. Did you know that the Arts and Science Student Union (ASSU) office in Sid Smith is a place where you can find past exams for many courses? And the Association for Part-time Undergraduate Students has 5-cent printing!

From the corner of Willcocks and Huron, this is easy—the building is on the northeast corner of the intersection. You can enter Sid’s Cafe by heading towards St. George and then going down the stairs or ramp. You can also enter Sid Smith by going a little north along Huron, turning right at the opening, and going up the stairs to enter the lobby (where there is a Second Cup!)

Hart House

Baby Goliath outside Hart House

Did you know that Hart House has a gym, pool, theatre and restaurant? It is home to many arts and crafts sessions, events and learning opportunities. There is so much to do with Hart House! They also run Virtual Hart House and host events like online exercise, art activities and so much more. ⁠

To get to Hart House from Willcocks, head toward St. George Street and cross it. Continue straight on the path, and you’ll reach King’s Circle. Keep walking in the same direction until you can see a tall clock tower on your left. Turn towards it and walk, and then you will reach Hart House shortly!⁠