Anne McGuire

Professor Anne McGuire

We are pleased to announce that Professor Anne McGuire (Equity Studies) is the recipient of the 2016-17 June Larkin Award for Pedagogical Development. This award provides for a half-course release to be dedicated to the development of innovative pedagogy or educational technology for use in classroom, community or field settings, and/or online teaching and learning.

As part of her project, The Pedagogical Promise of Disability: Building and Sustaining Accessible University Classrooms, Anne will make use of recent perspectives and practices emerging from the field of disability studies to develop a series of recommendations to better understand accessibility in the university classroom.

In her teaching Anne has encountered a wide variety of students and learning styles, and implemented a number of strategies to ensure her courses are accessible to diverse student learners. Her project will formalize this work and ultimately produce a short report to be shared as part of the New College Pedagogy Series. Current dominant approaches to disability access in higher education are medicalized and bureaucratic, and seek to minimize or even eliminate the difference that disability makes in the classroom. In marked contrast, the field of disability studies sees disability difference as valuable difference and central to Anne’s work is the assumption of the essential value of non-normative bodies, minds and senses.