The Arbor Awards are an opportunity to celebrate and congratulate University of Toronto alumni and friends for their tireless commitment to improving life on campus.

Since their foundation in 1989, the Arbor Awards have recognized many alumni, including a number of exceptional New College alumni and friends, for their meaningful volunteer efforts. Their involvement on campus has played an integral role in shaping and advancing the University of Toronto community.

New College is honoured to present the esteemed alumni who were selected to receive 2014 Arbor Awards. Although they differ in academic backgrounds and careers, these awardees share a significant and impactful contribution to the New College Career Mentorship Program. We commend them for their dedication, generosity and continued participation within the University of Toronto community.

New College’s 2014 Arbor Award recipients:

Dr. Manveen Puri  (New ‘09; M.D. ‘13)

Manveen Puri

Throughout his time as an undergraduate student, Dr. Manveen Puri displayed a strong sense of leadership by making outstanding contributions to the New College community. As he transitioned from student to alumni, his dedication to the College did not waiver. Immediately following his acceptance into medical school, Dr. Puri continued his involvement with his alma mater by becoming a model mentor in the New College Career Mentorship Program, a program he benefited from as a student. As an M.D. candidate, Manveen shared real-time experiences with his mentees. Since receiving his M.D., he has provided additional opportunities for New College students to gain insights into the medical field.

Jehane Adam (New ‘01)

Jehane Adam

In 2010, Jehane Adam returned to her alma mater to support the New College Career Mentorship Program. Since then, Jehane has addressed the questions and concerns of students interested in a career in human resources. In January 2014, Jehane facilitated the first ever resume preparation, interviewing skills and job search panel discussion held at New College. Her mentee, Mehreen Elahi, said, “Jehane is not just a mentor; she is someone who nurtures her mentees and advises us like a friend. She has become my guide in all aspects of life.” Jehane also benefited from the New College Mentorship Program during her undergraduate years.

Chan Leung (New ‘01)

Chan Leung

Since 2009, Chan Leung has committed countless hours to meeting with third- and fourth-year students enrolled in the New College Career Mentorship Program. He provides guidance and support to those who are exploring careers in accounting and business. His mentees have cited the superb, insightful and invaluable knowledge Chan has shared with them. They have appreciated his willingness to make time to connect with them.

Temitope Isaac Olowolafe (UTM ‘07)

Isaac Olowolafe

Isaac Olowolafe has volunteered his time to benefit the University, and New College in particular, in many ways. He has shared his student and career experiences as part of the Backpack to Briefcase series for the Department of Economics and has acted as a mentor in the New College Career Mentorship Program for students interested in real estate and entrepreneurship.

Isaac has been an avid ambassador for New College, promoting the College in a number of ways, including informing prospective students about New College during his travels in Nigeria and sharing information about the College with his personal and business connections.

Isaac is also an active member of the New College Campaign Cabinet, encouraging others to follow in his footsteps of providing philanthropic support.

Arielle Vetro