New College and the New College Writing Centre would like to send heartfelt congratulations to Writing Instructor Roz Spafford.  Roz is one of the three extraordinary teachers being honoured at a gathering of the U of T Writing Studies community at the end of April where she will be awarded the Margaret Procter Award for Excellence in Writing Instruction.

Roz has taught writing at New College since 2010 (and at the Health Sciences Writing Centre since 2012), and she brings to this work deep engagement with the writing studies literature and decades of experience teaching in the Writing Program at University of California Santa Cruz, where she also held multiple academic administrative positions. Roz is enormously skilled at teaching technical, analytic, and rhetorical aspects of writing while also instilling a sense of agency and capacity in the writers with whom she works. Always attentive to the learning environment, she takes great care to develop trusting relationships with students so that they are able to learn and grow as writers. As a colleague, she is generous, collaborative, and compassionate. Roz is also an accomplished creative writer in her own right and writes in several genres, poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction among them. We are grateful to have Roz teaching at the Writing Centre and so pleased that she is being given this well-deserved honour.   

This is the second year in a row that a writing instructor from New College has received this teaching award; Dr. Georgia Wilder won the Margaret Procter award the last time it was given out.