by John Leung

A New Era of Art

In some previous posts, I’ve mentioned my interest in digital art. For some, the term “digital art” seems a little unclear so I thought I’d talk about what it means to me. I would define digital art as the use of technology to create artwork, rather than depending fully on your typical pencils, paints, etc. (Although drawings can still be used as an aspect of digital art, of course: read on.)

Believe it or not, the sticker below was actually designed by me. I created it last year during my involvement with North Shore Youth 4 Mental Health for May 7th: National Child and Youth Mental Health Day. I started the design by drawing it on a piece of paper. After I was done, the sticker was scanned and then printed on stickers. Using hand-drawn art in digital art is a great way to show originality and creativity, as well as preserving the techniques of traditional art.

Mental health sticker graphic


Generally, I use computers when I create my art. A lot of people create digital art without really realizing it. For example, remember that time you made a poster in Adobe Photoshop? That is art because that artwork required creativity, composition, as well as technical skills. Graphic design is another big, important aspect of digital art, as well as a great example of how one uses computers to create digital art.



I created this poster as part of my University College Don application! (Please note this is not a real event.)

Another trend within the world of digital art involves photography and animation. Nowadays, with the advances in technology and apps, photographers have the option of using filters in addition to utilizing their camera settings. The addition of filters has the ability to add more meaning and purpose while telling a story. What makes photography more special these days is perspective: taking photos from an odd perspective makes them more striking.


Photograph shot from low level along the ground


Nuit Blanche had some of the best animation art. The little changes that occur as the frames change from second to second is very special, and makes watching very engaging. The best animation art also tells a story within the artwork.


Nuit Blanche animation projected onto building



The best part of digital art is that it’s all around us and you never know when you can capture a great piece of art!


Digital art is a unique trend in our society. While I mentioned digital art involving computers, sketches, photography and animation, those are only a few of the many aspects of digital art. In my opinion, digital art is a valuable skill to have because you never know when you might use it. In particular, digital art is extremely useful for creating T-shirt designs, making logos or awareness campaigns for organizations, producing posters and much more

There are, not surprisingly, a lot of websites where you can see people’s work – just as a starting point, whether you’re looking for inspiration or simply for the joy of viewing, check out this guide to resources or this one.  The resources online are impressive. One of these suggested lists includes the always impressive Deviant Art which deserves its own mention, but Digital Artist Daily is well worth a look as well. Want to try it yourself? Get some online tips at Design.tutsplus – or google for yourself! Just be prepared to spend a lot of time looking at some amazing digital art…

So tell me, has your view on digital art changed? What’s your favourite aspect of digital art? Comment below!