by John Leung

Whenever people ask me, “How are you liking university?” I am always lost for words before I reply with an “Ummmm…” University is very intense, especially being in such a competitive atmosphere like U of T’s. During the most stressful times we students will do crazy things like pulling all-nighters or even skipping meals to save time.

There were times last term when I got lost among my long list of to do’s, and as a result felt that I was just surviving and not living life. I think the reason that I survived those stressful times were the little positive things that made my day, which ultimately kept me going. When I talk about “little things”, I don’t refer to getting a 95% on my Geography paper or passing a test without studying. These “little things” are small events that occur in life that we don’t fully appreciate. Having gratitude for those little things will make anyone’s day better.

Here is my list of little things that made my semester more tolerable in the fall:


1. Cancelled Lectures

Cancelled lectures might be the best news ever. This rare occurrence gives students an extra hour or two in their lives to do whatever they want. It gives us the chance to grab a coffee with our classmates and hang out or take a nap or just go home early!


2. Short Lineups Getting Coffee

Sometimes, students just need a cup of coffee in order to finish the day. But the problem is that between us and our coffee is usually a 10-15 minute line at Starbucks or Tim Hortons, which is a fairly common occurrence. When we get to a coffee shop with a small line up, it almost feels like winning the lottery.


3. A Refreshing Warm Shower

When you live in residence, there is no 100% guarantee that the water will be perfect when you go for a shower. Sometimes, the water might be a little cooler than you’d like. But when the water is at the right temperature, it feels so refreshing and relaxing.


4. Opportunity to Eat with Friends

As weird as it sounds, sometimes you hardly see your friends due to different class schedules. It’s great when I run into some friends in the cafeteria and we end up eating together while catching up.


5. Free Food

As a typical broke university student, who doesn’t like free food? Most of the time, the food is good too. Back in November, there was a group of people handing out Hershey chocolate bars by Robarts. Every Wednesday, Cat’s Eye at Victoria College gives out free pancakes from 10-2 and I am very thankful for that!


6. Time to Sit and Really Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

Having the chance to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee without having to worry about the time is so enjoyable. It gives you the chance to live in the moment and not worry about everything that is going on. I highly recommend you make time for this activity.


7. A Quiet Gym

A good workout in the gym is perfect to reduce stressors and anger in life. But sometimes a good workout in the gym is hard because there are so many big and intimidating people bench pressing over 200 pounds. So be thankful the next time there is no one in the gym and make the most of it!


8. Sleeping In

Who doesn’t like sleep? Sleeping in feels amazing, and the re-energized feeling is indescribable when you wake up. Everyone should at least have one day when they’re able to sleep in.


So that’s my list of little things to be thankful for! Comment below if you want to share which little thing is your favourite, or share another little thing that you are thankful for!