birthday cake candles

Blow out the candles and make a wish

by Aparajita Bhandari It’s a cold March day near Queen’s Park in Toronto. Actually to be exact, it’s March 15th and the year is 1827. Canada will not be a country for forty more years; Toronto is a small city in the colony of Upper Canada. This day is a momentous day in history. It…read more

cup of coffee

Confessions of a coffee-aholic

by Aparajita Bhandari “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons” -T.S. Eliot Coffee, as everyone knows, is a fundamental part of the student diet. Since starting university my own coffee intake has definitely increased a lot. In high school I used to drink a lot of tea, and not that much coffee, but…read more

residential lease agreement

Toto, we’re not in residence anymore

by Aparajita Bhandari Reading week is over and March, with its promise of spring weather to come, has descended upon us – yes, the end of the school year is starting to feel pretty close. This means that the time has come to start thinking about your housing situation for next year, whether you want…read more

pile of books

So, what’s your major? Navigating subject POSts at U of T

by Aparajita Bhandari “What are you studying?” seems to be an innocuous enough question, but for many students struggling to navigate the confusing world of majors, specialists, prerequisites and exclusions, finding an answer might be fairly difficult. The University of Toronto’s system of determining majors and degree requirements is a bit different (and more confusing)…read more

chopped vegetables

Food for thought: cooking for university students

by Aparajita Bhandari University is a time for learning, not just the laws of physics or the factors leading to the Trojan War but also for acquiring basic life skills – including learning how to cook for yourself. Now, I started this year with very limited cooking skills. I could boil pasta, make a passable…read more

interior, Convocation Hall, University of Toronto

Making friends in big classes

by Aparajita Bandhari My first ever university class was BIO120, Monday morning in Convocation Hall. I remember walking into the building, yawning and bleary-eyed, and feeling utterly overwhelmed. Convocation Hall is a huge building that can seat more than 1,700 people, which means it’s a pretty intimidating setting in which to try and make friends.…read more

Hart House Library

For want of an outlet: commuter locations on campus

by Aparajita Bhandari When comparing my own experience to those of students who have to travel for more than an hour on the TTC daily to get to campus, I’m somewhat ashamed to even call my twenty-minute walk a “commute”. However, with the onset of the colder weather and snow, constantly walking back and forth…read more

search key on keyboard

A guide to summer research positions

by Aparajita Bhandari Interviews and References and Applications, Oh My! It’s only been a week or two since we’ve been back at school and most people, myself included, are still slightly in vacation mode. Adjusting back to daily lectures, homework, and extra-curriculars after a long break can be hard enough, but today I’m going to…read more

Canadian banknotes and coins

Putting your money where your mouth is

by Aparajita Bhandari Happy New Year, New College! With the fresh start provided by the new year and the new semester many of you undoubtedly are in the midst of making your new year’s resolutions. A popular resolution for many, especially students, is to save spend less money and save more so in this post…read more

Toronto Christmas Market

Simply have a wonderful Christmastime

by Aparajita Bhandari   It probably feels like the last month, with all of its seemingly unending line of evaluations, has lasted for centuries. However, I’m glad to say that the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. We’re in the last week of finals, meaning the holidays have finally arrived for…read more

John Edwin Usher painting detail

Throwback Thursday: Campus Edition

by Aparajita Bhandari One day while scurrying through Hart House Circle I noticed a bronzed sculpture of a crushed bike on the side of the UTSU building. Now, I have passed that image many times before and have often even made a mental note to Google the history of it later. However, this recent occasion…read more

De-Stress Zone banner

The most wonderful time of the year?

by Aparajita Bhandari We’ve officially reached the month of December!  You all know what that means, right, New College? Gingerbread houses, snowball fights, lavishly decorated store windows and…exams? Yes, readers, we have now officially reached that stressful time at the end of the year known as finals. The coming few weeks are sure to be…read more

apple core in otherwise empty fridge

The 6 types of roommates you’ll have at university

by Aparajita Bhandari If you’re moving away from home for university, chances are that you are going to be living with other people, whether it’s a randomly assigned roommate in residence or with friends you’ve known for years in a place off campus. Cohabitation can be a difficult thing to master and each living situation…read more

toy stuffed dogs with a real dog

Feeling like a fraud in your own life

by Aparajita Bhandari “Sometimes I wake up in the morning before going off to a shoot, and I think, I can’t do this. I’m a fraud.”— Kate Winslet It’s a feeling that many people know well. You’re sitting in a class discussion or giving a presentation or even just talking with your friends about midterm…read more

Health & Wellness banner

Health is wealth: how to stay rich

by Aparajita Bhandari November brings with it the start of the holiday season, and winter break and Christmas seem almost close enough to touch. However, November also brings the second set of midterms for many people, as well the dreaded flu season. With finals looming and temperatures dipping, it’s more important than ever to consider…read more

Rubin's vase illusion

Why do I need a brain?

Aparajita attends the first event in the inaugural New College Alumni Speaker series – Dr. Dave Hayes takes us on a rollercoaster ride across the intersections of neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, neurology and philosophy.

Halloween jack o'lanterns

This is Halloween

by Aparajita Bhandari “Boys and girls of every age: Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?” —Tim Burton, “This is Halloween” October is always a rather frightening month for us students, and the horror that is midterms and term papers might seem like more than enough of a scare. However, at the end of October,…read more