By Demi Lee Habits and routines can be really hard to let go of. Once we allow ourselves to cohere to a pattern, disrupting it can make us feel really strange and out of place. I’ve been writing on a weekly basis for The New, which has been a pattern of sorts. I would close…read more

Interviewing Students From the New One Knowledge Fair!

By Demi Lee On April 4, first-year students from the New One: Learning Without Borders program showcased their term projects in a Knowledge Fair at Wilson Hall! There were some amazing posters and just through browsing around, I got to learn about an array of issues I had never been aware of. I interviewed several…read more

First- vs. Upper-Year Courses: What’s the Difference?

By Demi Lee It’s fun thinking about the types of complaints you had in the past and it’s especially fun to find out how much you worried over the now-seemingly-small things. One of the main concerns I had was how my university career would unfold after first year. Like pretty much everyone in my program…read more

Extracurriculars: Tiring, But So Worth It!

By Demi Lee People often refer to “balancing” their workload so that everything “stays in place”. I opt for a different sort of idiom when I think about how I manage my coursework and extracurriculars; it’s not much like the act of balancing, but more like juggling everything all at once. Even though you’ll only…read more

I Love Summer

By Demi Lee If you haven’t noticed by the lingering smell of fertilizer around campus, the weather is fortunately turning around—in fact, at the time of writing this entry, spring has officially begun! I’ve always wondered how they came up with these dates which mark the start of each new season, because personally, they seem…read more

The Month Which Defies the Laws of Physics

By Demi Lee I don’t know about you but it’s pretty difficult to believe it’s already March. It honestly feels like the term just started yesterday, despite the impressive number of midterms and assignments I’ve finished. My perception of time is seemingly warped to sense no real passage of time and it’s probably something along…read more

Reading During Reading Week!

By Demi Lee If you were unaware of this (though I bet most of you know this by now), Reading Week is coming up! Despite what the name of the week suggests, a lot of students take this week as a little breather. Many term tests and exams flank this week so having a week…read more

Electives: So Many Courses, So Little Time

By Demi One benefit of studying here at the University of Toronto is having the luxury of choosing from an incredibly huge selection of courses. And luckily, one can take advantage of this because program sizes, whether you’re taking one specialist, two majors, or a major and two minors, often don’t take up the 20…read more

I’m a Commuter and I Spend Way Too Much Time on the Road

By Demi Over the past couple of days, which (at the time of writing) were quite frigid to say the least, I’ve come to contemplate my status as a commuter student. In the beginning of my undergraduate career, my opinion on commuting to and fro between campus and a relatively-distant home has been one predominantly…read more

Demi’s Top 3 Libraries

Beyond the classroom/cafeteria/lounge/bedroom, whether it’s for catching up on readings, writing essays, making notes and/or taking those blissful-though-short naps, there’s always a library you can depend on. Like the chocolate chips of a really tasty chocolate chip cookie, there are many libraries scattered around campus which all individually sweeten up the university’s resourcefulness and aesthetic…read more

Exam Cram: A Comic

By Demi   Cramming is never good (but I end up doing it anyway, haha). You can bet you will see me in the Ivey Library during exam season! Speaking of the Ivey Library, did you know that printing costs only 3 cents a page if you have a New College student account? I had…read more

Top 3 Challenges of Writing a Good Essay (and How to Overcome Them)

By Demi With the end of the term steadily approaching, so are essay deadlines. You might be one of those students who’ve always wanted to book an appointment with the Writing Centre but for whatever reason, didn’t. I would highly recommend booking an appointment, but have no fear! Last week, I had the great pleasure…read more