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Happily Ever After…?

by Erica Ly,  So how did the balancing of 9AM to 9PM classes and my six-hour daily commute really turn out?

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What would you do with $1 million?

by Erica Ly.  Upgrade from pack ramen to “the good” cup ramen? Pay back student loans? Travel around the world? Here are some of the most normal and craziest things people have done with millions of dollars – which do you agree with?

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The One Sport You Need to Try Before Graduating

by Erica Ly  From getting a proper workout and developing better discipline, to dunking your coaches in fountains in celebration, here’s why Dragon Boating may be the answer to your extracurricular fascinations.

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Commuting Cheat Sheet PART 2

by Erica Ly.  At furst blush it might not seem that way, but there are some positives among the frustrations of commuting.

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Why is Everyone Sick?! (And How Can I Avoid It?)

by Erica Ly.  The soundtrack of fall: leaves crunching, the downpour of rain drops on the sidewalk, oh, and coughing – a lot of it. It isn’t even flu season yet, so what’s the deal?

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Stereotypes and Canada’s #1 Business School

by Erica Ly.   Time travel back to end of high school, senior year. It is undeniable that when you told someone what program you were deciding to pursue, there was some kind of extreme reaction.