Laura Arner Goliath Drawing

New Beginnings: The Year’s Blog in Retrospect

It is a curious feeling, to have something published. You work hard on a piece – be it art, a short story, an article, a poem, music. You spend time writing, refining, editing and double-checking, and then it’s up for everyone to see. It’s a little overwhelming, actually, not knowing the response your piece will…read more


High Rollers: New College Formal 2013

On April 5th classes for us Arts & Science students officially (and finally) ended. That last week of class was one of the most brutal weeks of my undergrad career. With 3 individual essays and one group essay to hand in, AND exams coming up that I had to start worrying about, that week took…read more


How the Degree Explorer Changed My Life

I am definitely a child of the online revolution, which is proven by the fact that most of my reading is done on some kind of electronic device. Apart from textbooks and the occasional newspaper or magazine, I flip through books on my kobo, read articles on my computer, and sometimes even skim through documents…read more


The Open Letter (Another UTSU Controversy)

The buzz may have died down a bit, but the fact still remains that people are still trying to figure out what to think and say about the latest UTSU debacle. Just for some background info in case you didn’t know: UTSU held elections a couple weeks ago, during which the slate “Renew” was running…read more


Performing Arts on Campus: A Week of New Faces & Spoken Word

Over the past couple of years I feel like I’ve picked up a group of ridiculously talented friends. If you are like me and find yourself surrounded by all of these talented people, you’ll understand what I’m talking about when I tell you that I tend to be coerced into going to events I wouldn’t…read more


On Grad School Apps & The Waiting Game

Up until about a week ago I had no idea what I was doing with my life after graduation. In just over a month I’ll have finished my last U of T exam, and then I feel like I’m basically being thrust out into the “real world” to fend for myself. *Cue major anxiety spike*…read more


Defederation? (An UTSU Controversy)

As University of Toronto students, we are represented by the University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU). Established in 1901, UTSU is currently the second largest student union in all of Canada. The union provides services and special discounts to students such as health & dental plans, ISIC cards, and discounted TTC passes, and are involved…read more


Classroom Etiquette (A Rant)

Just in case you haven’t been keeping up to date with the goings-on of U of T, the April Exam Schedule was released just before reading week. Somehow I always end up writing until the very last day of exams, without fail, and this year is no exception. I don’t think that anyone can have…read more


Mind Matters 3: Exploring Desire and Entanglement

Last Saturday, while #L was decolonizing her mind at the ESSU conference, I was attending the third annual Mind Matters conference. This conference is hosted jointly by the Buddhism and Psychology Student’s Union (BPSU) and the Jungian Society, and has proven to be an extremely successful event over the past two years, with this year…read more


Winter Blahs

It’s February, and it’s cold and miserable outside…oh and hey midterms are going on too. The beginning of this month basically is a recipe for disaster. Not being the biggest fan of the cold, and winter, and midterms (hopefully at least one sentiment we all share), I find February to be tough on my social…read more


ExploreTO: Winterlicious!

We here at The New want to try something a little bit…new. This post is the first in an ongoing series, called ExploreTO. Our goal is to introduce readers to fun and student-budget-friendly things to do outside of the U of T bubble. Whenever you see ExploreTO in the title, you’ll know what you’re in…read more


The NCSC Annual General Meeting

On February 11th 2013, the New College Student Council (NCSC) will be hosting its second Annual General Meeting from 6 to 7pm in Wilson Lounge. This event is open to all New College students, as well as staff and faculty. Over the past few years, the NCSC has spoken about increasing its advocacy portfolio as well…read more

Student Features Week: Winter Wonderland Edition

Hi! Since exams are coming in to a close, we decided to interview some of our readers and New students to see what they’re doing over the holidays. So take a break from whatever you’re doing – be it studying, packing, or sitting at home – and see what the rest of the world is…read more

Student Feature: What are *you* doing for the holidays?

Last week #L and I went on a mission. Our mission was to find as many interested students as we could to interview so we could feature them in some fun holiday posts (stay tuned for those next week!). We headed out with a camera, list of interview questions, and photo release forms in hand…read more

Exam Time: How Will You Spend Your Study Breaks?

We’ve finally reached the end of this first semester, and I want to start off by congratulating all of you! I know from my own experiences and from friends that this has been a crazy, hectic, and ridiculously difficult one, but at least now we can say its over. We finally made it through the…read more

Service Learning: Yay or Nay?

Looking to choose your courses each year can be a difficult thing. Paging through the calendar listings, reading about the hundreds (thousands?) of courses that U of T offers can make decisions even tougher. When I look to choose courses, there are a few main things I take into consideration: description (obviously), how many of…read more

Stay Safe on Campus

When I was in high school and researching universities, one of the main deciding factors for me was that I wanted to live in a big city. I’ve heard people say that to get the full “university experience” you need to live in a “university town,” but for me that sounded like the kind of…read more

Study Smarter: The Secret to Growing Your Brain

Quite possibly the best thing about being a fourth year student (besides the fact that I’m graduating after this year…graduating…can I say it one more time, graduating) is the courses I got to choose. The most exciting feature of my timetable is that none of my courses are listed as “intro to anything”. Fellow upper…read more