When All is Said and Done (A Blog in Retrospect)

Four months ago Francesca and I sat down together with one task and zero idea how to accomplish it: to write our first blog entry. Without having had any prior experience, it was a surreal idea to think that what we wrote would be readily available to anyone to read. We were anxious, excited, and…read more

This is important to me.

Despite the number of times that jokes degrading women have been masqueraded behind laughter and the defense that “it’s just a joke”, these jokes are not just jokes. Whether conscious or not, each time someone – man or woman – says we should “just enjoy the joke,” there is an underlying implication that men are…read more

On study tips and surviving exams

“Action expresses priorities” said Gandhi. …Easier said than done, friends! I like to think I prioritize school, and yet this video sums up my study habits pretty neatly in less than a minute and a half. I wish I could reassure you that procrastination stops happening as you get older, but all I know is…read more

That awkward moment when…

U of T is big. Even if we don’t know much about the history of the school (besides what Wikipedia tells us), we know that our campus is fairly wide-spread. While it’s wonderful to be located in Toronto’s downtown core, most arts students can empathize with the pains of trekking across Queen’s Park from New…read more

Bleeding Green & Gold

On Monday you read Francesca’s reflections on closed doors and open windows – perhaps she was the unconscious inspiration to this post (thanks, girl) or perhaps March is just a very nostalgic time of year, but both of us are doing some serious reflection. It’s completely illogical (and terrible for my grades) that the relationship…read more

Hot Yam!

Remember last time when I blogged about having a U of T secret? I have another.  And this one is delicious. Hot Yam! (HY!) (http://hotyam.ca/) is a student-run initiative started by a group of friends in 2007 with a goal to advocate for eating seasonally, organically, and locally.  An entirely vegan project, HY! is run…read more

Top 4 Time Killers On Campus

A fun fact about me: I am the kind of person that can convince myself that two hours isn’t long enough to study for an upcoming exam, or it’s not worth starting an essay if I only have an hour to work (please tell me I’m not alone?) The biggest problem to killing time, however,…read more

Summer is coming (believe it or not) – How will you spend it?

Pub nights, karaoke, a dessert mixer, the student leadership conference, even a semi-formal tomorrow night ( tickets at the NCSC office!)… New College fills our schedules with fun events right from the first day of Frosh until the last day of school. But as the days get longer, summer seems more and more within our…read more

Confessions Of A Former Figure Skater

I have something to confess. I feel kind of terrible about it, but I really didn’t mean for it to be like this. You see, I’ve kind of been holding a brilliant secret from you guys. Some of you may already know – the lucky ones do, anyway. Some hints: it’s big, it’s shiny, it’s…read more

Know The New?

EYYYYYY!!! We hope you recognize that greeting from Frosh, otherwise this is embarrassing. In other news, welcome to The New!  This is where we – Francesca and Julia – will be sharing anecdotes about everything New College… and life in general.  Hopefully we can provide you with some insight on what’s good both in and…read more