Anthony Gormley drawing from Red Earth series

Dear Me.

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  An open letter of advice to my 18-year-old self.


Keeping the Faith: When East Meets West

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  Corporeal as we are, visiting a physical place of worship is sometimes beneficial for reminding ourselves of our spiritual priorities, and for both stoking and keeping the faith.

Toronto Light Festival logo

Toronto Light Festival – Highlights!

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  A free open-air light art event taking place in the Distillery District until March 12 to provide an escape from the dark and dreary days of winter.

Professor tossing papers in the air

Reference Letters: The Untaught Protocol

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  If you have no reason to ask for a reference letter anytime soon, you’re probably wondering what could be so hard about asking a professor for a recommendation.

Animated GIF of snow falling on a park walkway at night

The 5 Stages of Winter

by Lakshmi Sadhu  Experiencing winter in Toronto after growing up in a country where it’s hot all year round.

image blending Indian and Canadian flags

The Switch

by Lakshmi Sadhu  When I first moved to Canada, I would find myself switching to an alarmingly different accent whenever I spoke to anyone other than my family, or friends from back home in India or Dubai.

Animated gif of woman grabbing a decorated Christmas tree and carrying it away

The Grinch’s Guide to Christmas

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  There’s something more potent than the flu stalking the streets. Symptoms include uncontrollable bursts of shopping, spasmodic episodes of carolling and, in really severe cases, decorating your porch with ginormous wreaths.

small monkey appearing to meditate

Meditation: More Than Just a Stress-Buster

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  People either assume meditation is arcane or that they can’t meditate because of their inability to sit still for more than a few minutes – both notions couldn’t be further from the truth.

Become Enlightened animated gif

Philosophy: The Art of Living

by Lakshmi Sadhu.   To those with absolutely no experience in philosophy, it may come across as a rather obscure and esoteric academic discipline. I’ve been asked just what sort of employment I could possibly hope to secure with such a degree.