Laura Arner Goliath Drawing

New Beginnings: The Year’s Blog in Retrospect

It is a curious feeling, to have something published. You work hard on a piece – be it art, a short story, an article, a poem, music. You spend time writing, refining, editing and double-checking, and then it’s up for everyone to see. It’s a little overwhelming, actually, not knowing the response your piece will…read more


Reflections: Finishing My 1st Year of University

I did it. I made it through my first year of university. It had its ups and its downs and its in betweens but honestly, looking back, this was one of the best years of my life. So many things that happened this year has changed and moulded me into this awkward, weird person you…read more


Summer Fit: How to Keep Active When School’s Out

So as you may (or may not) know, sports and activity is a pretty big thing at U of T. Just ask our Varsity Blues, our intramurals, or even our very own New Dragons. There are always sports and classes going on all over campus. As New College students we also have the added privilege…read more

L march 25 2013

Green SustaiNEWbility

I’m a nut for recycling. I have a recycling box in my dorm, in my room at home, and in my studio. I go through a lot of paper as an illustrator and feel the need to recycle everything I don’t want. I get so sad when I see a person throw something in the…read more


The Great Debate: When Space and Pre-history Collide

There have been many things in history that have baffled, astounded, and even flabbergasted us. The secrets of the world and the questions of the universe float in our heads like ninety-nine red balloons floating in the summer sky (80s reference anyone?). I bring to you a question that has plagued humanity for decades, since the…read more


Scholarships101: Why You Need Them & How To Get Them

So we’re about 6 months into school by now and I’ve realised two things: 1) that time goes by incredibly quickly and 2) university is expensive. By now, I’m sure many of us, including myself, have squandered away our precious loonies and toonies on textbooks we’ve opened once, iClickers we never use, and fees we…read more

Dorm Recipes

Deliciously Debonair Dorm Dishes

I love cooking. I love my dorm. However, cooking inside said dorm is kind of hard to do (actually, cooking inside your dorm is not allowed due to health, safety and fire regulations, so no hot plates!). I happen to have in my hand some lovely, delicious, EASY, dorm recipes that require little-to-no skill at…read more

Student Features Week: Winter Wonderland Edition

Hi! Since exams are coming in to a close, we decided to interview some of our readers and New students to see what they’re doing over the holidays. So take a break from whatever you’re doing – be it studying, packing, or sitting at home – and see what the rest of the world is…read more

Dorm Irritations – Part One

      (I just wish people would clean up their hair from the drain after they’re done showering 🙂 ) #L  

My Radio Debut Went a Little Like This

My radio debut went a little like this: At our end-of-year trip to Muskoka Woods, a group of ever-so-excited eighth graders congregated around a circular table covered in microphones, buttons, wires and headphones. We were all so elated, chattering mundane, cute little answers to the questions the announcer asked us. When my turn came, I…read more

Memory Palaces – How To Pass Those Heavy Tests

It’s already November. I can’t believe it… time has gone by so quickly. Since many of us have upcoming exams or just want to do some extra study prep, here’s one of my favourite and most useful memory techniques, called memory palaces.  If you’re a visual learner, you might find this technique quite handy in memorizing…read more

“Useless” Majors That Aren’t So Useless

How many times have you told someone what you want to be, or what you think you want to do? Have they ever scoffed at you and told you it would never happen? Sometimes even being enrolled in one of the best universities in Canada can’t quell the voices that say what majors are and…read more

Little Town, Big City

So, as of Friday, I have officially graduated from high school. Yup, sounds cool. I got awards, some money, saw my old friends, old teachers, and ate cake. No gowns or cardboard hats or rolled up diploma. Just a small, simple ceremony fitting to the small town that gave heed to young minds from Ingersoll…read more