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Mina’s Goodbye

The end has come. This year has passed by so quickly. Writing for The New has been an incredibly rewarding and amazing experience. I learned so much and got to work with such amazing people every week; I really can’t imagine a better job. I’ve accomplished way more over the past year than I thought…read more

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What To Do With Four Months Off

By Mina Todosijevic Summer break during university is a time like no other. Rarely are we given four whole months with no responsibilities on blind trust that we’re going to use them for good. I personally like to head into summer with the overenthusiastic expectation I’ll spend every day doing creative projects schoolwork usually keeps…read more

Varsity Stadium

Disconnection, Community and the College System

By Mina Todosijevic Last Tuesday, a group of students ran a day-long event entitled U of T: A Social Experiment. The culmination of a year’s worth of organization, the event was created to target the perceived lack of community at U of T. Excerpts from their event description describe the university as “dangerously disconnected”. They…read more

A Golden Retriever puppy

Pre-Exam Jams

By Mina Todosijevic Exams are coming up soon! One of the downsides of having a huge campus like U of T St. George is a lack of centralized resources listing pre-exam relaxation sessions and opportunities. I have felt first-hand the pain of finding out about therapy puppies over Facebook hours after they left. To save others…read more

Goliath Gnu and a silver fox

A New Look for New College?

By Mina Todosijevic Ever since New College celebrated its 50th anniversary a few years ago, there’s been a lot of friendly joking around campus that the College is no longer “New” by any standards. I’m happy to announce the administration has heard your concerns, and as of the 2015-2016 school year, we will no longer…read more

A ballot box

Candidates and Platforms: A Rough Guide to the UTSU Elections

By Mina Todosijevic With the UTSU elections looming, here is a cheat sheet for candidates’ platforms. If you’re interested in a specific issue, try finding all the candidates who discuss it by using the ctrl+F function! Voting is open March 24, 25 and 26 from 9:00am to 6:30pm at polling stations or online. Executive Committee…read more

Rockwood Conservation Area

Spring Trips and Getaways

By Mina Todosijevic After a terrible winter, the sun is finally out, the birds are chirping and peace has been restored to the kingdom. The coinciding of spring with the end of the school term means most people want to leave the house voluntarily for the first time in months. So, without further ado, here…read more

Students on front campus

Memorable Moments at U of T

By Mina Todosijevic At the risk of being cliche, university is a time when you make so many memories and go through a multitude of formative and fantastic experiences. I recently got to participate in U of T’s snow battle, which was essentially an enormous snowball fight on front campus. It was absolutely amazing; pretty…read more

University of Toronto graduates celebrate their convocation.

“Four-Year” Degrees and the Fifth Year

By Mina Todosijevic The notion of a fifth year is entertained by most students at some point in their university careers. Whether to take a year off to travel or work, to add in a co-op placement or a semester abroad, or to catch up on credits or grades, extending a “four-year” undergraduate degree is a…read more

A supposed UFO flying in the sky

Alien Conspiracy Theories

By Mina Todosijevic Since midterms have paused temporarily, there’s finally some time to indulge in some good old procrastination. And on that note, please enjoy these fantastic alien conspiracy theories. Alien conspiracy theories tend not to question whether or not aliens exist; rather, they focus on evidence of their existence, as well as ways in…read more

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Putting Bio-Hacking to the Test

I embarked on a mission to test out some of Dr. Greg Wells’ bio-hacking methods to see how they would affect my mood, concentration and health.

Sunset in Barcelona

Exchange Programs at U of T

By Mina Todosijevic “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only the first page.” -St. Augustine Travelling is something all to itself. Whether you’ve been travelling since before you could walk or you’ve yet to get a passport, exploring a new country is one of the most amazing experiences you…read more

Google's Pac-Man game

The Wonderful World of Google

By Mina Todosijevic I set out with the intention of making this post academic and “useful”, as a resource for researching articles. However, I very quickly got distracted by the incredible amount of tricks, games and Easter eggs hidden in Google. After 16 years of Google, I’m sure I have just barely scratched the surface…read more

People running (Photo Credit: Warein)

Healthy Living: Exercise

By Mina Todosijevic Finally! Part two of the Healthy Living mini-series, which began with a post on food and nutrition. In addition to eating well, regular exercise has many often-overlooked benefits, and is something you need to make time for in your everyday life. I always put off exercise in the interest of cramming in…read more

A cartoon accompanied by text saying, "I can't believe it's been a year since I didn't become a better person."

New Experiences in the New Year

By Mina Todosijevic Welcome back to The New! A new year is seen as a blank slate, a new chance at being a better, more productive and happier person. Alas, it is difficult to change yourself overnight, and while the sudden burst of “good behaviour” from everyone around you might motivate you to follow your…read more

Students burning their schoolwork over a fire

How To Recover From a Rocky Semester

By Mina Todosijevic Finishing a semester can be a bittersweet feeling. On one hand, being done with stress, responsibilities and midterms for a month can lift the weight of the world off your shoulders. When the semester doesn’t go well, final exams go from exhausting ordeals to feeling like the final nails being hammered into…read more

What to Do With Your Winter Break

By Mina Todosijevic Many of my arts friends are already done school, having eschewed exams for in-class final tests and papers. However, even if your exams run to the last possible day this year (the 19th), you have 16 school-free days. Now, we here at The New understand the struggle of jumping from school-centred days…read more

A photo taken from a ski lift

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

By Mina Todosijevic As the semester inches to an end, daydreams about road trips and travel replace my otherwise-essay-filled thoughts. There is no better time to take a road trip than in the winter. Under a lush blanket of snow, Ontario is transformed into postcard-perfect Canadiana. It is so refreshing to step away from the…read more