A New Goodbye

By Samia Tasmim Here we are, at my final post of the term. Oddly enough, this is one of those cases where my mind virtually went blank when I started writing – maybe because I have always been slightly awkward with goodbyes. The regular meetings and weekly deadlines for The New are a set part of…read more

New in Niagara

By Samia Tasmim We are fully in exam mode right now. Yet, the gorgeous weather makes me daydream of the places I’ll soon be visiting in the summer. In fact, I actually visited a beautiful place a couple of weeks ago — Niagara Falls! The trip itself was very soothing. Starting from around Oakville, I…read more

The FLC Experience

By Samia Tasmim As The New blogger, I always get to interview awesome people. So last week, I came across four “FLCees” as they are affectionately called. FLC stands for First-Year Learning Community. A FLC is a group of students in the same area of study, who are enrolled in some of the same core…read more

Samia’s Top 10 U of T “Getaways”

By Samia Tasmim “Wait, what?! This is the final week of lectures?” Yes, it is that time of the year again. I like to constantly remind myself of all the beautiful things in life, especially before I hit exam mode for April. 😉 So, here are my top 10 beautiful places right here at U…read more

Interview Season: Tips and Tricks with a Personal Touch

By Samia Tasmim Yes, it is that time of the year again. Although some of us (including me) are still desperately working on huge assignments due in the next few weeks, a lot of us are already in a different frame of mind — the big job interview! Here are some basic ideas to prepare…read more

A Different Take on Saint Patrick’s Day

By Samia Tasmim My initial reaction to St. Patrick’s Day was, “A whole day dedicated just to drinking…why?” Perhaps it’s just #InternationalStudentProblems, but I am yet to fully understand all the celebrations Toronto has to offer. Maybe I felt what vegetarians feel when meat-eaters all around them keep gobbling up meat. But irrespective of whether…read more

Second-Year Sage 2.0: On the Academic Side of Things

By Samia Tasmim With all the advising I’ve been doing, I probably come across like this: But in all honesty I share things I’ve learned, the hard way or the easy. And last week, immediately after one of my midterms, I was visibly happy. There was a kind of “sneaky” question that I had sort…read more

The International Experience

By Samia Tasmim Fact: Over a quarter of New College students are here on student visas, and over 50% of NC students identify a language other than English as their first language. Fact #2: I am one of these students! Some of my firsts as an international student:  Flying alone: From Dhaka, Bangladesh to Toronto…read more

Donning the New: A Meeting with a New College Don

By Samia Last week I met New College don Alessandro Zavatti to learn some of the perks of being a don. Here is an excerpt of the meeting. Daily Life I am involved in intramural sports, varsity rugby and just generally involved around New. As a don, I prepare the passives (Editor’s Note: see the…read more

A Brief History of Goliath Gnu

By Samia “It’s a moose!” “It’s a snoopy dog thing!” It’s Goliath Gnu! Recently, my friend asked, “So, what’s with the Gnu mascot?” I said, “It’s a cool pun.” “Meh,” my friend replied, calling into question my proclamations of Gnu love. Weeks of research ensued, and after excited conversations and emails and huge support from our…read more

Second-Year Sage: Lessons from 1.5 Years of U of T Life

By Samia You might be wondering whether this catchy title is, well, just a title. But in all seriousness, I’ve made mistakes and learned the how-tos of life here. And, of course, with great wisdom is the great need to “wise up” the masses! First and foremost, as is the ritual at the start of…read more

Homesickness and the Holidays

By Samia I’m all grown up now (second year!), so the melancholy of my first winter here is somewhat less fresh in my mind. Then again, this is only the start of the season, and I’m already yearning for the warmth of home and all the greenery I’ve left behind there. The homesickness I’ve managed…read more

Of Gloom and Glee…and the Tan Curve of Life

By Samia I probably give the impression that I’m a unicorn-loving, starry-eyed optimist. If I did, you’d be safe to assume I am (well, I may be exaggerating on the unicorn part). Even if you’re more of a realist, we all tend to “hit the gloom” at times. I calculated the pre-final grade totals for…read more

Procrastination, Facebook and Gnu Attempts to Tackle Them

By Samia I admit it. This post stems from my frustration with a pesky pain in the neck – the combined power of Facebook and all the very sneaky websites on the World Wide Web that catch us in the meshwork of procrastination. Last week I had a midterm. As I studied, I realized I…read more