The form below is intended for students who have received an award and would like to thank those whose donation made their award possible.

If you were not explicitly invited to fill out this form but believe it is relevant for an award or scholarship you received, or if you have other questions about this form, please contact:

Catherine Argiropoulos
Associate Director, Advancement
New College, University of Toronto
300 Huron Street, Room 124
Toronto, Ontario  M5S 3J6

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Donor thank you note: Please include a short paragraph thanking the donor for their support and how the award has helped you. We will include this in a note/card to the donor.

The information on this form will be shared with the donor (or representative) of the named scholarship that you have received. However, we may also like to feature aspects of it in the Donor Impact section of the New College website: may we use your name, or do you prefer to remain anonymous?

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