by John Leung

Welcome to U of T’s New College! My name is John Leung, and I am a first-year humanities student pursuing a Health Studies major. Prior to coming to U of T, I was born and raised in North Vancouver, B.C.  I miss the West Coast beaches, temperate rainforests and my favourite food – sushi – very much. I may or may not continue bringing those things up.

takeout sushi at the beach

Sushi on the beach are two of my favourite things combined into one!

Moving from the West Coast to East Coast was nerve-racking and exciting at the same time. I love exploring downtown Toronto and comparing the differences with my hometown. I just love travelling and visiting new places. I have a dream to travel the world and move to some place new, maybe somewhere with a lot of beaches like San Diego, California?

Mission Beach, San Diego

Mission Beach in San Diego, California

During my free time, I like to explore, hang out with friends, act and play sports. I really enjoy playing road hockey, soccer and ultimate frisbee. Since I came to Toronto, I have picked up longboarding and I love that too! Art is another big interest of mine, besides acting: I enjoy cartooning, digital art and filming.

soccer ball and shoes on the grass instant digital camera longboard

While I’ve been known to get startled by the sudden appearance of a squirrel, say, or a cat, I do love animals especially penguins, rabbits, dogs and dolphins. I am a big advocate of mental and sexual health – volunteering is a big passion of mine as I aim to make a difference in this world!

penguin at the zoo penguin at the zoo

Hopefully by now I have persuaded you that I am an interesting person and that you should follow The New! I hope that you will be a regular in reading The New because I will try my best every week to entertain you – if you ever run into me on the street, don’t be afraid to say “hi” and start a conversation with me. I would love to meet my readers and I love meeting new people as well!

John Leung John Leung