WE’VE MOVED! We are now in Wetmore Hall in rooms WE60A, WE60B, WE60K, and WE61.

The Writing Centre provides personalized,
one-on-one sessions with highly skilled instructors to help you develop your thinking and writing at university.

Meeting with one of our friendly and supportive instructors is one of the most effective ways of improve your writing, whether you are working on your very first university essay or your first publication. We work with students at all stages of the research and writing process, across all fields of study, on all genres of assignments, and at all levels (from first to senior years).

Our free 50 minute sessions are geared to you, the student, and to the particular paper you are working on. If you have not yet started writing, we can help you better understand the assignment expectations, plan your process, or begin fleshing out ideas. If you bring in a draft, we can work intensively with the text, showing you how to develop your analysis or improve its coherence. We can also help you with grammar and style, but rather than proofread papers for you, we teach you how to become a more effective editor of your own work. The Writing Centre provides a place for you to talk about your ideas and learn how to better communicate them.

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Before booking an appointment, please note:

  1. Students are expected to arrive for their appointment no later than 10 minutes after the hour.
    • By 15 minutes after the hour, a writing instructor can contact students on the waitlist to see if any of them can fill the remainder of the slot. In these cases, the student who didn’t arrive on time receives a no show on their record.
  2. For admissions letters, personal statements, statements of intent, et cetera for graduate or professional school, students can only have a single, one-on-one appointment per term.
    • Students can visit the Writing Room or the CAESS Writing Group (for students enrolled in Caribbean, African, Equity and Solidarity Studies courses) for further feedback on these materials (ie. there is no limit on the number of visits to the Writing Room or the CAESS Writing Group to get feedback on these materials).
  3. If you have any cold symptoms whatsoever, but are well enough to have an online appointment, please reach out to newcollege.writingcentre@utoronto.ca so that your appointment can be moved from in person to online.
    • Please give us as much notice as you possibly can. If you become unwell, and are not well enough to have an appointment at all, please email us at the same email address to let us know before the appointment begins.
  4. Please wear a mask to your in-person appointment.
    • If you forget your mask, no worries, we have plenty of extra masks in each room in the writing centre. Thank you for helping us stay healthy and happy!
  5. No single piece of writing should be brought more than three times to writing centre appointments.
    • It’s important that we make room for many students to bring their work to the centre by taking a balanced approach to access.

I can say with confidence that the most valuable tool I got from my university experience was learning to write well.

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Wetmore Hall 
Rooms WE60A, WE60B, WE60K, and WE61 (enter at 300 Huron, go all the way downstairs, and turn left at the door. When you see green carpet, you’re there).


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The Writing Centre provides personalized, one-on-one sessions with highly skilled instructors to help you develop your thinking and writing at university

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