As a New College resident, you will have the opportunity to participate in social, recreational, and educational events with students from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Mission Statement

Our residence experience is governed by the following mission statement:
The New College Residence Life Program prioritizes a safe and supportive residence experience, where all students can grow academically, explore their personal identity, and purposefully engage with their community with respect, responsibility, and reciprocity.

Guiding Principles

Our mission is centered by four guiding principles, each of which speak to a specific element of the student experience as residents begin their time at New College.

Alt text: Our Guiding Principles – Personal and Collective Wellness, Academic Sustainability, Purposeful Transitions, and Community Responsibility

Co-Curricular Programming

We realize our mission statement and guiding principles through several types of co-curricular programming. These include:

Intentional Conversations

One-on-one meetings that serve as a check-in between students and their Don. These conversations provide space to ask questions, reflect, and seek help. Dons will also use this time to offer meaningful and targeted resources and support to assist residents in transitioning and developing as a university student.

House Meetings

Monthly gatherings of one’s Don, LXA, and house community. These meetings offer residents the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with members of their house while also providing space to engage in learning and growth.

Res-Wide Programs

Res-wide events serve as an opportunity for students connect with dons across residence, as well as other students and engage in a fun activity together – whether that be crafting, exploring the city, or having an open mic night.


Hosted by the Learning eXperience Assistant (LXA) team, excursions provide students with the opportunity to make connections with peers by going out into the campus and city to engage with meaningful learning opportunities.


Join your Residence Don and House Council for monthly social events that allow you meet your peers and build community.

Passive Programs

Keep a look out for passive programs around residence and on social media. These displays touch upon important and relevant information for New College residents ranging from how to recycle to academic integrity and laundry.