I haven’t started writing yet. Can I still make a writing centre appointment?

Absolutely. We work with students at all stages of the writing process. Some students want help interpreting assignment questions and getting started. Some students find it useful to talk through their ideas before writing. And some students want advice about how to work in new genres of writing or to switch to more complex forms of writing. Consultations are geared to what you need.

I can’t get an appointment. Can I still get help on my assignment?

Put your name on our Waitlist. Also, you can bring your work to The Writing Room. Generally, we find that students who use the Waitlist are very successful in getting last minute appointments.

What should I bring to a writing centre appointment?

In 2021/22, please wear a mask and bring a completed UCheck form. Please bring your assignment sheet and your student card. If you are bringing a draft, part-draft, outline, or drafted notes, bring them in hard copy (bring your computer instead during 2020-21 school year). Depending on what you want to work on, you may also find it useful to bring your readings.

Can I bring in group assignments? Who should come to that appointment?

Certainly. One or more members of a group may book an appointment to work on a group project. We don’t work with text for which the author is not present, but we can help you develop questions and editorial strategies that you can take back to any members of the group unable to attend the appointment. The person who books the appointment must attend the session and be eligible to book (a New College student or a student working on a group assignment for a New College course). Group appointments are online-only.

I didn’t get a chance to print out my draft. What should I do?

If you don’t have a printed copy of your draft, you can visit the New College library to produce one and then return to your appointment. In 2021/22, just bring your laptop to your appointment.

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