John Leung at New College Orientation 2015

John bids The New goodbye

by John Leung Well, New, this is it: my final blog post. I am shocked by how fast this year went by. Mentally, I still feel like an 8-year-old boy…read more


Adventures of a germophobe

by John Leung Last year, I attended Sutherland Secondary, a high school in North Vancouver with a student population of 850. I transitioned to U of T which has a…read more

Chester Hill Lookout, Toronto

Unique destinations in The 6

Toronto has fantastic sightseeing destinations available, ranging from Niagara Falls to Ripley’s Aquarium to the CN Tower. Big tourist attractions often capture the interest of visitors and locals. This has…read more

Interior, Royal Ontario Museum

Winter-full low-cost dates

by John Leung As the weather gets colder and our credit balance gets higher, we’re more likely to experience the “new year blues”. For most university students, January seems perfect…read more

New College Quad in the snow

A very New Christmas

by John Leung This past winter break, I experienced a different winter holiday than I am used to. I stayed in Toronto, in my residence, for the break instead of…read more

John Leung's U of T MythBusters

MythBusters: U of T version

by John Leung It’s official – I have survived my first term here at New College, University of Toronto! University has been very different than what I imagined. I definitely…read more

Chinese shipbuilding worker. (Ryan Pyle)

New and beyond

by John Leung Have you ever wondered what previous New students are doing now? Well, earlier in November, alumnus Ryan Pyle returned to talk about some of the projects he’s…read more

I miss you this much image

Friendship 3,000 miles apart

When the close friends who know all your secrets are four provinces and a 5-hour plane ride away, it feels tough emotionally, mentally and physically.

breakfast plate

Freshman 15 hacks

by John Leung “Freshman 15” refers to the belief that first-year university students will gain 15 pounds during their first school year. After talking with older university students and being…read more

45 Willcocks dorm room

An 18-year-old living the dream

by John Leung Some people may say that I am living the dream of an 18-year-old. I presently live in 45 Willcocks, New College’s newest residence building. Meanwhile my family…read more

Monopoly theme, 45 Willcocks

I have a… don?

by John Leung When I moved into residence on a warm Saturday morning in September, I felt very confused for a long time. I was so puzzled because everyone kept…read more