“The knot can be comprised of a single thread, looping in and around and over itself in a self-contained tangle. It can also be composed of many threads, intertwined and bound tightly to one another. We orient to the knot as a metaphor for the complex entanglements of our lives.”

– Letter from the editors, issue 1

Knots aims to highlight original and unpublished high-calibre work in disability studies by undergraduate students. Knots works to challenge normative conceptions of disability and embodiment while contributing new and innovative knowledge to the field of disability studies. It is edited and compiled by a team of senior students and faculty advisors in the disability studies stream in the Equity Studies program.

Issue 3

The third issue of Knots was released on November 1, 2017.

Congratulations to our team of editors, reviewers and contributing authors, including our two chief editors, Aysha Natsheh and Caleigh Inman.

Table of Contents

I. Relationality as Resistance

  • “Beyond the Binary: A Nexus of Disability”, Mika Howard
  • “An Economy of Contradictions”, Aysha Natsheh
  •  “The Mule of the World: The Strong Black Woman and the Woes of Being ‘Independent’”, Cailyn Petrona Stewart

II. Cripping Time and Development

  • “The Monkey on My Back”, Claire Newton
  • “Rejecting the Stereotype Built into Material Culture: Disability in Toy Story”, Ethan Faust
  • “Coming of Age: A Personal Account of Epilepsy, Medicine and Adolescence”, Emma Brommer
  • “Queen Baby: A Collective Imagining of New Futures through Interdependence”, Vania Gonzalez Tanamachi

 III. Minds, Memory and Madness

  • “1200 Stitches: Beyond Medicalization, Monsters”, Jesse Hatch
  • “Communicating through Cripistemologies: The Implications of Non-Normative Communication upon Disabled Futurities”, Meg Sanchez
  • “A ‘Border-Line Case’: Reading Lily Daw as ‘Feeble Minded’ in Eudora Welty’s Short Story and Ruth Perry’s Theater Script”, Elaine Ruth Boe
  • “One Piece of the Heart”, Nicole Meehan

IV. Disability Arts and Curation

  • “’a thousand threads’”, Elaine Stewart
  • “Disruptive Curatorial Practices: An Intermediary Force of Activism”, Meg Power
  • “An Interview with Artist Vanessa Dion Fletcher”, Caleigh Inman
  • “Toward a Relationship Aesthetic in Disability Art: Interdependence and Crip Futurity”, Jacqueline White

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Call for Submissions: Issue 4

  • The theme for Knots Issue #4 is refusal. REVISED SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Paper submissions are due February 16, 2018. View the submission criteria