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“The knot can be comprised of a single thread, looping in and around and over itself in a self-contained tangle. It can also be composed of many threads, intertwined and bound tightly to one another. We orient to the knot as a metaphor for the complex entanglements of our lives.”

– Letter from the editors, issue 1

Knots aims to highlight original and unpublished high-calibre work in disability studies by undergraduate students. Knots works to challenge normative conceptions of disability and embodiment while contributing new and innovative knowledge to the field of disability studies. It is edited and compiled by a team of senior students and faculty advisors in the disability studies stream in the Equity Studies program.

Issue 2

The second issue of Knots was released on September 29, 2016.

Congratulations to our team of editors, reviewers and contributing authors, including our two chief editors, Caleigh Inman and Aysha Natsheh.

Table of Contents

I. Disrupting Tropes and Binaries

  • “Type 1 Diabetes: Between Ability and Disability”, Victoria Sylvestre
  • “Autism Canada’s Use of Inspiration Porn and What that Means for Autistic People”, Katelyn McHugh
  •  “My Story of Mental Health First Aid”, Marta Switzer
  •  “Please Stop Cockblocking Us”, David Preyde

II. Redefining Madness

  • “Madder Than Mad”, Bonnie Cuss
  • “Kelly Fritsch, Eliza Chandler, and 25 mg of Lamotrigine Twice a Day”, Aysha Natsheh

 III. Bodies Under Surveillance

  • “Dear Future Mom: The Oppressive Search for Happiness”, Vania Yumiko Gonzalez Tanamachi
  • “Babies, breeding, and biopower: producing unfit parents and policing reproductive rights”, Caleigh Inman
  • “The ‘Cyborg Soldier:’ A Real-Life Version of Captain America? An Analysis of Disability and Masculinity in a Military Context”, Yadesha Satheaswaran

IV. Contesting Normative Narratives Through Disability Arts

  • “Re-wired”, Katie Laqua
  • “’Cripping’ Cinema: Alternative Disabled Spectatorship & Subjectivities in Shameless: e ART of Disability”, Linda Luarasi
  • “Making Space for Complexity: The Arts and Counter-Narratives of Trauma”, Clementine Morrigan

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Call for Submissions: Issue 3

  • The theme for Knots Issue #3 is interdependency. REVISED SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Paper submissions are due February 1, 2017. (view submission criteria)