This course takes as its starting point selected writings of Freud and Jung on the hypothesis of the unconscious, in particular, C.G. Jung’s hypothesis of the collective unconscious.  It then engages in a retrospective analysis of contributions to the development of the concept from philosophers, poets, anthropologists, and psychologists, whose work anticipated, or directly influenced, the theories of Freud and Jung.  The course concludes by examining recent perspectives on the hypothesis of the unconscious, including a brief selection of contributions from both the sciences and the arts, and from popular culture.

Course readings include selected texts of Freud, Jung, Kant, Wm. James, Wm. Blake, P.B. Shelley, S.T. Coleridge, W. Woodsworth, Dostoevsky, F. Nietzsche, J.P. Sartre, J. Lacan, R. Searle, P. Ricoeur, W. Pauli, A. Einstein, A. Stevens, David J. Chalmers, Francis Crick & Christof Koch, Hester McFarland Solomon, and Helen Morgan.

Other relevant imaginative works and cultural artefacts, such as art, film, cartoon, architecture, ritual, tattoo, are also examined and discussed.