NEW101/111 Food Matters I & II / Tammara Soma

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As the Principal Investigator at the Food Systems Lab, a social innovation lab that brings diverse stakeholders to tackle the issue of food waste and food insecurity in Toronto, I am excited to bring social innovation methodologies into the classroom at New College. Whether a New One student is a natural scientist, a social scientist or would like to be a lawyer one day, in NEW101 (Food Matters I) and NEW111 (Food Matters II), I will demonstrate why an understanding of our complex food system matters to us all. My academic research at U of T is focused on the transformation of food consumption and food wasting practices in urban areas of Indonesia. I utilize storytelling in my academic research as it is a powerful way to convey ideas and engage people. For example, my published academic piece on food waste showcases the Indonesian folktale “The Tale of the Crying Rice.” It is through the story of the rice that people can understand why preserving water, protecting the land, and respecting farmers in Indonesia matters. I look forward to integrating creative learning tools and inspiring New One students to contribute toward a sustainable and just food system in Canada and beyond.


 NEW102/112 Travelling Words: Language and Diversity I & II / Dejan Ivkovic

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I’ve been interested in languages since my childhood, back home in Serbia. I’ve studied English, Russian, Scandinavian, French, Latin, Old Church Slavonic and other Slavic, Germanic and Romance languages, also learning bits and pieces of Mandarin, Hindi and Cree, and their writing systems. As a researcher, I’ve used different methodologies and approaches to analyze multilingualism and the interaction of language and society in Canada, abroad as well as in virtual space. In Canada, especially in Toronto, one has a unique opportunity to learn about, and experience, different cultures and languages. I am looking forward to embarking on this exciting, yet challenging, trip, together with my students, to better understand and cherish our country, the World and humanity.

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NEW103/113 Digital Technology in Society I & II / Roberta Buiani

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I am an interdisciplinary artist, media scholar and curator working at the intersection of science, technology and creative resistance, and the co-founder of the ArtSci Salon at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences ( My work explores how media and technoscience translate, encode and transform the natural and human worlds, and how these processes can be redirected and understood differently when located into different contexts or filtered through different cultural/instrumental lenses. I am both delighted and curious to embark in this journey as a New One instructor: new and digital media are constantly reshaped and made obsolete as we speak, and I am looking forward to interrogating their usage and significance with my students, by learning from and reflecting on their own digital media habits, and by transmitting my critical and technological knowledge.



NEW 105/115 Science and Social Justice I & II / Paul Whissell


 New One Coordinator / Alexandra Guerson

Profile image of Alexandra Guerson, New One CoordinatorA university degree can hold the key to many careers and yet our university years can be either a liberating time of self-discovery and learning or a dreary anxiety-filled time that we hope to forget. Having had both experiences, my teaching has always been infused with promoting engagement in and out of the classroom and ensuring my students have the tools they need to succeed.  Having taught at New College’s International Programs for the past seven years, the needs of first-year students has been foremost in my mind for quite some time. I bring this interest to the New One Program, where our dynamic team of instructors are committed in helping New One students successfully transition into higher education and into their roles as global citizens.