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How to write a Literature Review with Roz Spafford.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018: 1.30 to 3.00 pm.

Room 2007D, Wilson Hall.

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How to write a Literature Review

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Light refreshments.

Research @NEW : Promoting and supporting undergraduate research

Research skills and inquiry-based learning are essential not only for academic success but also for the basic information literacy that is key to responsible, engaged citizenship. New College is committed to providing opportunities for all students in its academic programs – including New One and Human Biology – to undertake and gain experience in different kinds of research. Upper-level undergraduates may apply to participate in full-year research seminars (or thesis courses) in order to: develop appreciation of research ethics and methodology; gain practice in both classical and innovative research methods; hone capacity in reviewing scholarly literature and writing effectively; and build skills in the communication of new knowledge.

Research at NEW – a collaboration of faculty, the DG Ivey Library and Writing Centre – coordinates the sharing of resources and supports for undergraduate research in general, and the research courses in particular. We offer a series of workshops that address different aspects of the research process and curate and make accessible scholarly and instructional materials, both for undergraduate student researchers and their supervisors. Our aim is to build a community of practice of undergraduate researchers, providing spaces, opportunities and a supportive learning environment in which students can gain research capability and develop as contributing, engaged knowledge producers.



Resources from Past Workshops

Resources for Student Researchers

Library and online research consultations for students engaged in research

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Canadian Journal of Undergraduate Research  http://cjur.ca/


Resources on the Pedagogy of Undergraduate Research for Faculty Supervisors

SPUR: Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research

Social Sciences and Humanities

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