To enable increased interaction between undergraduate students and graduate students pursuing relevant research, New College hosts senior doctoral fellowships for each of our academic programs.

Each fellow is a senior graduate student who contributes to the intellectual life of the college, including mentoring undergraduate students, giving an academic seminar and participating in New College academic and community events.

The fellowships further help our graduate students by providing them with dedicated space at New College, a small stipend and the opportunity to network with current faculty members.

New College has chosen its six Senior Doctoral Fellows. Fellowships are held between September 2019 and May 2020. Curve of New College buildings from the roof of Wilson Hall.


Application Details

The six Senior Doctoral Fellowships are offered in the

  • African Studies program;
  • Buddhism, Psychology & Mental Health program;
  • Caribbean Studies program;
  • Equity Studies program;
  • Human Biology program;
  • International Foundation program (second-language acquisition)

New College offers a thriving and intellectually stimulating environment for doctoral students. University of Toronto doctoral students who are in the writing stage of their dissertation are encouraged to apply to a New College program relevant to their area of research. Find more detailed information on our academic programs/areas of study.

Senior Doctoral Fellowships, valued at a stipend of $1,500 each, are for one full academic year (September 1 – May 30) in a specific academic program/area of study. Senior Doctoral Fellows will be expected to engage with students and the larger intellectual community at New College and give an academic seminar related to their research.

New College will provide shared office space, as well as access to the special library collections at the college. Senior Doctoral Fellows will be eligible for New College travel funds and can submit applications for other funding initiatives in collaboration with their host program director.

Applications must include:

  • a one-page cover letter outlining applicants’ qualifications for the New College Senior Doctoral Fellowship with a focus on the academic program/area of study to which they are applying;
  • a curriculum vitae;
  • a one-page summary of their doctoral thesis and progress to date;
  • a letter of recommendation from their dissertation supervisor.

Senior Doctoral Fellows must be registered University of Toronto graduate students in the year the fellowship is held and available to participate in New College during the tenure of the award.

For further information on the fellowship program, or to submit an application, please contact Nancy Crawley, New College program administrator.


Application deadline: TBD.