You are an upper year student if you are:

  • a University of Toronto undergraduate who was not a resident of New College last year, and who has completed one year of studies;
  • an undergraduate transferring from another post-secondary institution;

Students in other categories may consult with the Office of Residence and Student Life about their eligibility.


In order to be considered for residence space at New College upper year students should create a profile on the University of Toronto’s common residence application (MyRes), and rank their residence preferences.  They will then need to submit an application on the Online Residence Portal.  We will reference this waiting list when making offers for upper year students, should space be available.

Admission Policy

Offers will be made starting in late July based on availability and our goal to maintain a balanced gender ratio in our gender-inclusive houses. We will continue to make offers throughout the summer and as space becomes available throughout the academic year.

Please note: Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time student and have no outstanding fees in order to be considered for residence.


If an applicant who has already accepted an offer of accommodation has a change of mind and decides not to live in the New College Residences, we ask to be notified in writing immediately as others may be waiting for a space.

The following refund schedule applies for cancellation prior to move-in:

Notice of Cancellation

Refund Amount

Prior to June 1


June 1 to July 31


August 1 to August 15


August 16 to September 1

$0 + $500 admin fee

All cancellations should be sent to one of the following:

  • New College Office of Residence and Student Life, 40 Willcocks Street, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1C6
  • 416-971-3072 (fax)

Telephone cancellations will not be accepted.