The heart of New College residence life is the Audrey Taylor Dining Hall. Residents from all three residences gather here for their meals. All meals are developed and created right here on campus by our campus culinary team, supervised by Chef James Piggot. The food is nutritious, healthy and the menus vary each week. Our campus chefs use locally sourced raw materials whenever possible. In fact, over 60% of the food made and served here at the University of Toronto’s St. George campus is sourced locally.

New this year, the Dining Hall will be offering two declining balance meal plans. These new plans provide more flexibility; allowing residents to choose the items they wish to consume and paying for each item individually using their Residence Dollars.

Residence Dollars will be loaded onto a student’s TCard prior to move-in, and, like a debit account, will be deducted from the balance.

All students in residence at New College subscribe to a meal plan. A student may choose to sign up for:

  • Standard Meal Plan: This plan works best for those who have an average to larger appetite and includes $5495 Residence Dollars for the academic year.
  • Lite Meal Plan: This plan works best for those who have an average to lighter appetite and includes $4850 Residences Dollars for the academic year.

Your residence dollars can be used as follows:

  • Purchase food + beverage items at the New College Dining Hall and/or Chestnut Dining Hall (tax exempt)
  • Purchase food + beverage items at selected retail outlets across campus that are operated by Food Services. Only items prepared by Food Services will be tax exempt. For example, a pre-packaged product such as a bag of chips would not be tax exempt, but a sandwich and beverage prepared on campus using raw ingredients would be tax exempt.

Vegetarian and vegan diets can be accommodated, Halal options are regularly featured and packaged kosher products will be available. If you have other special dietary needs, including but not limited to those due to health or cultural practices, you are encouraged to contact Food Services in advance of your arrival (where possible) to provide the particulars of your specific needs. Food Services will work with you to determine how those needs can be best accommodated.


TBucks can be added to TCards by visiting TBucks can be used both within New College and at selected food outlets elsewhere on the St. George Campus as well as paying for textbooks, printing and photocopying. Please note TBucks are different from Residence Dollars.

Hours of Operation and Meal Plan FAQ

The Dining Hall Book is a comprehensive guide to rules and conduct, hours of operations and frequently asked questions. The 2020/21 version is coming soon.

Please click here for Campus Food Locations, Hours and Menus.

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