Our Drop-in Space

The Writing Room will reopen in Fall 2021.

The online Writing Room offers a supportive environment where students can both work on their papers and receive feedback from an instructor.

The Writing Room is a great place to get work done and to have shorter consultations with writing instructors and librarians as available. But remember that the Writing Room, as our drop-in space, does not replace one-on-one appointments, which provide more in-depth assistance. The Writing Room’s “Working Room” gives students a place to work in the company of other students and to request a consultation if and when they need one.



You are eligible to take part if you are:

  1. a New College student, or
  2. a student from another college working on assignments from a New College program course

We look forward to seeing you!

For further information, please contact sheila.stewart@utoronto.ca


In-person Sessions


We expect in-person sessions will resume later.


Why visit the Writing Room?

  • Perhaps you don’t have a Writing Centre appointment but discover that you need some feedback. Whether you’re looking for some initial pointers on how to get started on an assignment, or some feedback about whether your thesis or introduction is on the right track, a brief discussion in The Writing Room may meet your most pressing needs. Or you may have questions about language, style and documentation. Come with a focused question about your paper that we can address in about twenty to thirty minutes.
  • Work in a congenial space, where others are engaged in writing or getting advice, sometimes on the same assignment or on similar aspects of university writing. Having a weekly time set aside for writing (along with encouragement from others and opportunity to consult) can help you address problems with procrastination or writer’s block and keep the flow of your work going throughout the term. When several people work in the same space, energy is generated that helps everyone move forward.
  • Invest in some planning for your workflow over the term. Do you over or underestimate the time you need to complete a paper? Are you often late handing in papers or highly stressed? The Writing Room is a good place to consult about making a plan to work through your papers as effectively as possible.
  • Work on application materials (e.g., Personal Statements, Research Statements). You can consult about materials related to graduate and professional school applications in the Writing Room. You can also reserve one writing centre appointment per term for these materials.