Biopolitics of Disability poster thumbnailThe Biopolitics of Disability: From Liberal Restraints to Neoliberal ‘Inclusionism’


David T. Mitchell (English) & Sharon L. Snyder (Women’s Studies)
George Washington University

William Doo Auditorium, 45 Willcocks Street (directions and map)
Wheelchair accessible
CART available

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About the speakers

As a research team, David T. Mitchell and Sharon L. Snyder have authored and edited numerous books, articles, and documentary films. They recently released a new book titled, The Biopolitics of Disability: Neoliberalism, Ablenationalism, and Peripheral Embodiment, which has been published by the University of Michigan Press in the series “Corporealities: Discourses of Disability.”  The book considers how contemporary practices of social inclusionism for people with disabilities have proven anemic to a more significant engagement with non-normative embodiment as a map to an alternative ethics of living outside of normalcy.

Additional seminar event, April 2, 2016

There will also be a smaller seminar on Saturday April 2, 2016 as part of Mitchell and Snyder’s visit.  This seminar is open to upper year undergraduate students and graduate students and will be held at OISE.  Please contact for more information or to RSVP.


Date: March 31st, 2016
Start Time: 6:00pm
End Time: 8:30pm
Contact: Laura Thrasher