Having trouble connecting with your instructor on WCOnline?

To join a synchronous appointment:

  1. Access your appointment first, via ‘Welcome, FirstName’ → ‘My Appointments’;
  2. Click ‘Start or join online consultation’.

Video/audio issues?

  • You may need to give your browser access to your mic and camera on first use;
  • If the connection freezes or breaks up, try reloading the online consultation module first: close the tab/window and access it again via the same link as before;
  • If you mistakenly denied your browser access to your mic and camera, see these links to allow access: Chrome and Edge. You may need to restart your browser for the changes to take effect.

If these solutions do not solve the issue

If we can still communicate via the chat function, we may suggest connecting via zoom or phone instead. If we cannot connect via chat either, keep an eye on your email and we will contact you to connect via zoom or phone.

Lastly, if you experience persistent issues connecting synchronously with WCOnline, let us know via the appointment notes that you prefer a zoom appointment.

Cannot log in to WCOnline?

Try these solutions first:

  • Try a different browser;
  • Try incognito/in-private mode;
  • Delete cookies and other browsing data;

Does Quercus tell you that you do not have a utoronto email address, even though you’re logged in with your UTORid?

  • Make sure to set your standard email address on Quercus to your Utoronto email;
  • Quercus, go to ‘Account’ → ‘Settings’ to check your standard email setting.

If you still cannot log in, please let us know: newcollege.writingcentre@utoronto.ca.

Having trouble booking an appointment?

See our overview of how to book appointments.

[Embedded video] To watch with audio captions, use this link.