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Caribbean Studies’ Prof. Kevin Edmonds, who teaches Haiti’s modern history of political violence, weighs in.

Prof. Melanie Newton, interviewed by The Globe and Mail, says that his track record cannot be ignored. Read by signing in with your UTORid.

Brenda was recognized for her presentation at the Advancement College and ensuring a thoughtful approach for her colleagues.

The Kathleen O’Connell Teaching Excellence Award recognizes the important contributions made by sessional instructional staff.

Laura Valeria Rosales Vazquez, a second year NEW student, is a member of the Varsity Blues rowing team.

Rebekah Robinson reflects on her time at U of T and New College.

Open to all U of T graduate students. Deadline to apply is July 15!

New College grad Laura Gallo co-founded UofT’s Women’s Association in 2019 after seeing a glaring omission in groups on campus.

Cabraja has been nominated as a swimmer at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.