The New College Residence Council (NCRC) is a council of elected students from the New College Residence that serve as a governing body for social, athletic, and community affairs of all three of our buildings. The Council is made up of three parts: An Executive Committee, the General Assembly, and the House Councils.

The Executive Committee consists of a directly-elected President from each building (elected in September of each year) and three Directors (Administration, Communication, and Finance) that are indirectly elected by the General Assembly (House Representatives and Junior House Representatives) at the end of the previous academic year (usually in March) to serve for the following year. The Executive Committee determines the agenda for the Council, provides leadership and direction, and represents the interests of the students at various College-wide committees. Each member of the Executive Committee chairs a Standing Committee of Council. There is a professional staff member from the Office of Residence and Student Life (ORSL) that advises the Executive Committee and the rest of Council.

The General Assembly is the decision-making body of the Council. The Assembly consists of the House Representatives and Junior House Representatives from the 20 houses across all three residences. This is a wonderful opportunity for first-year and upper-year students to get involved and develop their leadership skills. These positions are elected in September each year. While they are part of the General Assembly, these positions also help facilitate the work of the House that they are elected from i.e. they are also a key part of their House Council.

The House Councils are the foundation of the New College Residence Council (NCRC). Each of our 20 houses has a House Council that is directly elected by the members of that house. There are four core members required each year: a House Representative (typically a first year or an upper year student), a Junior House Representative (typically a first-year or an International Foundations Program student), a Treasurer, and a Social Convener. Each of these core members is required to serve on a standing committee of Council. For example, House Representatives and Junior House Representatives must attend the monthly General Assembly meetings. In addition, House Representatives serve on Building Committees while the Junior House Representatives serve on the Dining Committee. The Treasurers all serve on the Finance Committee and the Social Conveners serve on the Events Committee.

In addition, each house might elect additional positions. For example, Sustainability Representatives, Living/Learning Community Representatives, or Birthday Representatives. Each don, who serves as an advisor, works with their house community to determine levels of interest and then facilitates these elections.

One of the biggest responsibilities of House Councils is to facilitate the Annual House Championships. There is one champion per building at the end of each academic year. These champions are determined through a number of events that are run throughout the year. Each event has points allocated for both winning as well as participation. The 2019-2020 defending champions are as follows:

Wilson Hall: Kwant

Wetmore Hall: Powell House

Willcocks Residence: 45-7 House

We look forward to having you join us this year!