In Memoriam: Professor Andrew Baines

Photo credit: Nathan Chen/The Varsity

New College was saddened to hear about the recent passing of Professor Andrew DeWitt Baines MD, PhD, FRCP. Serving as the third Principal of New College from 1974 to 1979, Andrew was part of New College during a time of growth in interdisciplinary studies, as program launches including Women’s Studies in 1974 and African Studies in 1978 had taken place, both programs have now grown into established academic centres at the University of Toronto. He was known for being a supportive Principal, loved by students, and a friend of New College throughout the years. Professor David Clandfield, Principal of New College, 1996-2006, remembers Andrew as being a large influence on the history of the College and even in his personal life.

“Andrew Baines made unexpected differences wherever he went. He arrived at New College in 1974, just as the move was being made to open up colleges to departments other than French and English, etc. It was a time for interdisciplinary studies and Andrew brought in armfuls of new people and new ideas. That spirit has remained with New College ever since. Both Andrew and Corrie played a significant part in my own life, encouraging me as a young faculty member of French and Cinema Studies to become more active in college life and beyond. Our conversations were always stimulating, and Andrew excelled in listening and taking an unfeigned interest in whatever one had to say along with a lively sense of humour. He was a great polymath – Isaiah Berlin might have called him a fox – and he encouraged polymathy in others. I will always remember him as one who made life interesting.”

New College would like to extend our condolences to Professor Andrew Baines family and friends.

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