Askaakamigokwewigamig (Ah-skaw-kom-ih-goh-kweh-whi-gah-mig)

Mother Earth Learning Lodge

Restoring Traditions

The presence of Askaakamigokwewigamig connects traditional knowledge with the University of Toronto community shared through land-based learning. Raising of the lodge was an opportunity to respond to the current pandemic to ensure open air, physically distanced learning on the land and create space for engaging Indigenous knowledge/teachings/ceremony as an essential aspect of learning.

The primary Traditional Space Protocol for this Lodge is:  No drugs, No alcohol, No Violence.  Users and guests of the Lodge must also follow all safety protocols for COVID, including social distancing for those in attendance.  The Lodge will be a respected space to connect to the land; with scheduled times (TBD) to access this shared space for facilitated learning as well as traditional practices (supervised sacred fire, ceremonies) for learning. Booking the lodge on our website: 

Currently, the Lodge is supported by a team of faculty and staff represented from all University of Toronto campuses to advance a student-centred approach to building community from relationship with the land towards reconciling intergenerational trauma and colonial architecture and institutions.

Dr. Debby Wilson Danard PhD, MEd, BEd
Traditional Knowledge Practitioner & Life Promotion Ambassador
Provost Postdoctoral Fellow University of Toronto