Information for Graduating Students

Graduation ceremonies (or convocations) happen twice a year – in June and in November. The Convocation ceremony dates can be found on the Office of Convocation’s website.

Ready to graduate?

If you intend on graduating, follow these steps

1. Check that you will meet your degree and program requirements for graduation. Degree Explorer assesses your progress towards graduation; however, it is not definitive. It is your responsibility to verify that you have fulfilled all degree and program requirements. If you have questions about your program requirements, contact the department. If you have questions about your degree requirements, contact the Registrar’s Office.

2. Request graduation on ACORN by the deadline. Ensure you are requesting the correct degree (HBA, HBSc, or BCom). If you wish to request graduation after the deadline, contact the Registrar’s Office. There is no guarantee late requests can be processed.

3. Expect correspondence:

  • In March, departments will email students regarding program completion.
  • In May, the Office of the Faculty Registrar will send an email confirming your eligibility to graduate.
  • In May, prospective graduands will receive an invitation to the New College Graduation Reception.

Preparing for graduation

  1. Ensure your contact information, including a valid UTmail+ address and phone number, on ACORN is up-to-date. Most information concerning your request to graduate will be sent via email to UTmail+ addresses.
  2. Your name will appear on your diploma as it is displayed on ACORN. To request a name change, visit the Registrar’s Office. If your name is missing an accent, complete the Name on Diploma form from the Office of Convocation website. Name change requests submitted after the deadline date will be processed after the convocation period.  Should you then wish to obtain a diploma which reflects your name change, you will need to order a replacement diploma.
  3. Refer to the Office of Convocation’s Graduation Checklist for information regarding RSVP, tickets, and gown rental.
  4. If you will not be attending your convocation ceremony, please still RSVP. Diplomas are not automatically sent to graduates.  For delivery or pickup options, visit the Office of Convocation’s website.
  5. If you require a letter confirming your degree eligibility, you may request one from the  Office of the Faculty Registrar.

After graduation

  1. If you have already graduated with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree and wish to upgrade it to a four-year or Honours degree, you must submit a request to upgrade your degree. Contact the Registrar’s Office for further information.
  2. The Asia-Pacific Graduation Ceremony brings together new alumni from across the region, celebrating their degrees in a venue where it is easier for family to attend the event. Hundreds of students, family and friends have participated in the ceremonies, held every other year in Hong Kong.