Tools for Student Success: Meet New College’s Learning Strategist

U of T understands that students need to balance more than just academic responsibilities. The Centre for Learning Strategy Support exists to help students identify and achieve learning goals with supports tailored to fit individual student needs. One of these avenues of support are learning strategists, who work with students to develop personalized plans to help meet the challenges of academic life and to help students identify and achieve learning goals.

New College’s Learning Strategist is Elizabeth Shaha. Elizabeth, who joined the Centre for Learning Strategy Support team in early 2021, had previously been part of the New College community as the Residence Life Programs Coordinator in the Office of Residence and Student Life.  We asked Elizabeth to tell us about herself and her work, and how working with a learning strategist can help you achieve your goals!

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Shaha (she/her) is the Learning Strategist for New College students. Elizabeth has completed her undergraduate and master’s degree from the University of Toronto. In previous roles, she has worked in residence life and understands the university landscape in both academics and student engagement. Using her own experiences in navigating university life, Elizabeth can connect with any areas of struggle and find strategies to support you in your academic journey. As an educator and someone who is not a native English speaker, Elizabeth meets her students where they are at and helps empower them to choose the right tools to thrive.

What does a Learning Strategist Do?

A Learning Strategist meets with students one-on-one in appointments and offers students workshops to learn tangible tools and skills in the following areas: time management, exam preparation, assignment planning, effective notetaking, motivation, and procrastination.

Why Book an Appointment?

When we are struggling, we may not know why we are having a hard time. By talking to a Learning Strategist, you are seeking more support that will identify the area of growth. You are not alone in your academic setbacks. If you are looking for support, please book with Elizabeth so she can help you get the support you need to succeed in your undergraduate career.

Book Now!

Currently, all appointments are offered virtually through Microsoft Teams. There are morning and afternoon appointments to accommodate different time zones. To book please use the MS Booking System and click the “Online Learning Strategist Appointment” and you will receive the meeting confirmation and link. If you have any questions, please email Elizabeth at