Need-based scholarships and bursaries provide numerous awards to qualified students. The University of Toronto also provides assistance through work study programs and our UTAPS program.

The Registrar’s Office provides confidential advising appointments, emergency assistance, help with financial planning, and information concerning need-based scholarships, bursaries and student loans. To make an appointment, please contact the New College Registrar’s Office:

Grants and Bursaries

Applications for grants or bursaries (need-based awards) are available in the New College Registrar’s Office and on ACORN beginning October 1st. All grant applicants are interviewed in person by one of the Registrars. Over 300 New College students receive assistance through University of Toronto Undergraduate Grants, which are awarded to supplement OSAP or other cases of financial need. The College also makes awards from its own grant and bursary funds and emergency loans are available in special cases. A full list of grants and bursaries is available in the New College Quercus site.