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NOTE: Payment for tickets will be conducted via PayPal. If you reside in a country that does not support PayPal, please email new.oc@utoronto.ca

What is New College Orientation?

New College Orientation is a 6 day program made up of a collection of academic and social events designed to help you adjust in your transition to university student life!

Why attend Orientation Week?

Transitioning to university can be both exciting and intimidating. Orientation helps make your transition a little easier and a lot more fun! Our program is designed to help you make the best possible start to University through academic skill development and program orientation. Equally as important, Orientation provides opportunities to build social and academic connections to your new community as you get exposure to student life at New College!

Where is it?

Spadina Station is the closest TTC station to New College. From this station, you take the 510 Spadina Streetcar and get off at Willcocks Street. New College is right across the street from there! 

New College 

40 Willcocks St 
Toronto, ON 
M5S 1C6 

When is it?

Our Orientation Week is happening from Sunday, September 3, 2023 to Wednesday September 6, 2023, with drop-in programming on Thursday, September 7 and Friday September 8, 2023. Orientation is set to happen in person pending Public Health and University guidelines.

We cannot wait to see you and welcome you to the New College community on Sunday, September 3th, 2023!

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at new.orientation@utoronto.ca.

We are thrilled to announce that the theme for orientation 2023 is …… (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)…..NEWCs Of the Galaxy!!!

Meet the Team
Orientation Coordinators

Justin Chiu

“Hello Helloo. This is Justin 😮 I one of the orientation coordinators for New College. I am responsible for overseeing every part of orientation from the execs to the leaders as well as all the logistical pieces within programming. I hope everything works out ;-;”

Year of Study: 3rd

Program of Study: Criminology and Political Science Double Major

What is your wackiest experience at New College?
In New College every day is a wacky moment!!!! Woaaaahhhhhh how wacky!

Yvonne Chen

“AYOOO NEW COLLEGE!💚💛 I’m Yvonne, the other Orientation Coordinator this summer (aka ½ of the masterminds behind orientation)! 🙌 My role includes leading the planning and execution of all aspects in New College’s orientation, which involves volunteer management, marketing, program planning, finances, logistics and more! 📚 WE’RE REALLY SHOOTING FOR THE STARS THIS YEAR, SO BE SURE TO SIGN UP!!! 🚀🌌🌟🌠 It’s gonna be epic! 😎 “

Year of Study: 4th

Program of Study: Statistics and Cognitive Science (minor in Psyc)

What is your wackiest experience at New College?
Me and my friends (including Justin the other OC!), once stayed in Wilson Lounge for 36 hours. We ordered bubble tea at 11pm, explored campus in the dark, slept on couches/the floor, studied (not enough), and mixed a cocktail of leftover bubble tea and pre-workout sometime in the wee hours of the night.  


Agnes Wong

“Hi, I’m Agnes one of your 4 Orientation Programs Execs this year! My role involves designing and developing the logistics for the New College Orientation events. Everyone on the team is doing our best to make sure that the orientation experience is one of the most fun experiences you’ll ever have and never forget. We’re looking forward to meeting you soon!”

Year of Study: 3rd

Program of Study: Ethics, Society and Law & Human Geography 

What is your wackiest experience at New College?
People not noticing the rat decoration in the Wetmore 3rd floor common room (it was for Halloween and to my knowledge has been there for 2 years)     

Anna Li

“Hi New! This is Anna, and I am one of your program execs for this year’s orientation! Our goal is to make sure you have a fantastic time and connect with your fellow peers during orientation. We have packed your O-Week schedule with tons of fun activities and events. Get ready for an unforgettable experience! Can’t wait to see you all there!”

Year of Study: 3rd

Program of Study: Double major in Economics and Statistics

What is your wackiest experience at New College?
I filmed a short horror movie in the basement of Wilson Hall.     

Catherine Wang

“Ayo what’s poppin’ New College I’m 1 of 4 of your lovely Programming Executives and we have A TON of events planned for y’all to make your first uni experience worthwhile SO GET HYPED you fosho do not want to miss out #welovemakingfriends. If you’re reading this, I better see you at Orientation so go sign up. Now.

Year of Study: 2nd

Program of Study: Life Sciences (Neuroscience Major; Cell and Molecular Biology Major; Chemistry Minor)

What is your wackiest experience at New College?
I saw a black squirrel for the first time in my American life

Stella Chang

“Hi y’all! My name is Stella and I’m part of the orientation program exec team! Our job is to plan the events and all the fun logistics that come with that for your orientation. This year’s frosh is going to be awesome, so you better come!”

Year of Study: 2nd

Program of Study: Double major in Environment & Health and Sociology (I think)

What is your wackiest experience at New College?

I once tried to pet a baby raccoon in the quad.

Marketing & Promotions and Graphic Designers

Chelsea Macasaet

“Hey y’all! My name is Chelsea and I’m the Marketing and Promotions exec this year. I’m responsible for developing social media content and strategies to encourage students to sign up for orientation. I’m so excited to be volunteering for New College’s orientation for the third year in a row because this week is one of the most fun parts of the university experience 😊”

Year of Study: 4th

Program of Study: double major in International Relations and Environmental Studies 

What is your wackiest experience at New College?
This isn’t super wacky, but I remember learning the words to “Take Me Home, Country Roads” during karaoke at one night of orientation!

Evengreen Zhao

“Hi! I am Evengreen and I am one of the Orientation graphic designers this summer! I like painting, reading, drafting novels, making short films, photography, playing the harmonica, and learning various languages. I am an optimistic, perceptive, and friendly person. In this orientation, my main responsibility is to create various promotional products, such as posters, T-shirts, logos, and other graphics. I will use color and creativity to make our event more exciting and meaningful, and welcome everyone to sign up for orientation!”

Year of Study: 3rd

Program of Study: Cinema Studies Major; Greek Major (Classics) 

What is your wackiest experience at New College?
I was assigned to a double dorm in New College Wetmore Hall during my first year, but due to the epidemic, none of my roommates ended up living in the dorm, so I spent the entire school year living alone in a huge room that was big enough for me to do yoga in. I thought it was like a castle. When I moved out of the dorm in my sophomore year, I terribly missed the room and food at New College. 

Kathy Lee

“Hello, I’m Kathy and I am one of the orientation graphic designers this summer! 💫  I’ll be designing lots of the visuals you’ll see throughout orientation, from t-shirts to social media posts. Super excited to make graphics to showcase all the fun events and activities coming your way— this year’s orientation will be out of this world!!   “

Year of Study: 4th

Program of Study: Computer science (specialist) 

What is your wackiest experience at New College?
My friends and I had a race with the rolling chairs in an empty classroom once 🙂 

Volunteer Management

Dhakkshayanie (Dhakksha) Nimal Ganapathiraj

“Hey everyone!! I’m Dhakksha and I’ll be one of your 2 Volunteer Management Execs this year! Our role involves organizing the logistics, staffing schedules, and leader teams during New College’s Orientation. We want to make sure y’all have an amazing, unforgettable Orientation, so look forward to the NEW experience! BUT… for that, you gotta sign-up FIRST!! So, CHOP-CHOP! Go secure your spot!! We can’t wait to meet you all!!” 

Year of Study: 3rd year

Program of Study: Health and Disease, Women and Gender Studies, and Immunology

What is your wackiest experience at New College?

I got my first piggyback ride in a looooong time at Wilson Hall lounge! ^^

Michael Kuo

“Hello! I am Michael and I’m one of the volunteer management execs this year! My primary role is to act as the “human resource” for our orientation peer leaders and promote administrative assistance throughout orientation! I’m excited for this year’s orientation, and I hope you are as well!”

Year of Study: 4th  

Program of Study: Specialist in Psychology 

What is your wackiest experience at New College? 

me and my friends had a spontaneous snow fight outside of New in December and missed our class:)


Where do I register? 

You can register TODAY! Get your ticket early for a week filled with fun, celebration, and community building! 


How much does Orientation cost?

Please note that you will need to purchase a ticket to attend Orientation. Ensure that you have purchased your ticket for orientation through Eventbee! Tickets start at $100 for the first 50 tickets (Use Discount code NEWCOLLEGEREDHOT). Prices will then rise to $130, $140 in August (until August 27th)and $150 (from August 27th until the start of Orientation). 

Subsidy Funding

Subsidy funding is available to students with demonstrated financial need (i.e. receiving government funding such as OSAP or other student loans). The application form is available online through Quercus, the University of Toronto’s online teaching and learning environment. You can find out how to log into Quercus here. Once logged in, go to the New Student Academic Hub to complete the application (under Modules > Fees, Financial Aid, and Scholarships > Orientation Subsidy Application). The deadline to apply is August 7, 2023 at 11:59pm.  

If you have questions about subsidy specifically, you can contact newcollege.registrar@utoronto.ca 

NOTE: Payment for tickets will be conducted via PayPal. If you reside in a country that does not support PayPal, please email new.oc@utoronto.ca

What can I expect from New Roots Orientation?

  • Student leaders who will support you, and answer all your burning questions!
  • Small group opportunities – allowing you to connect more closely with other incoming students!
  • Orientation Kits and Yummy food!
  • Fun events to meet friends, get to know more about university, and feel apart of the New College community!
    • Past events included: Karaoke, Tri-Campus Parade, City Sight Seeing Bus Tours, Silent Disco, Arts and Crafts, Campus tours, Scavenger hunts, Video Game Tournaments etc. !
  • Having A LOT of fun!!
  • So much more!

What should I do if I want to discuss the accessibility of Orientation? 

At New College Orientation, we are committed to creating an accessible learning and social environment for all participants. Please note that August 14th is the deadline to notify us to discuss accessibility in order for us to best serve you. This timeline will best enable us to work together on a plan to support engagement in the event. If you have questions, please email new.studentlife@utoronto.ca 

What is the difference between New Roots, New Journeys, and IGNITE?

These are the three different types of Orientation programs that New College hosts for incoming students each September. New Roots is the largest and most popular offering, also known as Traditional Orientation. Its programming is geared towards the broader New College audience and consists of a variety of social, academic, and foundational events. New Journeys, known as International Orientation, is directed towards international students at New College. Much of its programming introduces participants to Canada and walks through many fundamental resources at U of T that an international student should take note of. IGNITE is known as Academic Orientation and will be a separate day of programming that introduces students to their new academic environment and provides them with tips and tricks to succeed in their studies. 

I would like to refund my ticket, what is the process?

If you would like to refund your orientation ticket, please email new.oc@utoronto.ca. Please note that your PayPal credit card processing fee will not be refunded.

Refunds are NOT accepted AFTER SEPTEMBER 1st

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Where to find us

Spadina station is the closest TTC station to New College. From this station, you take the 510 Spadina Streetcar and get off at Willcocks Street. New College is right across the street from there!

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40 Willcocks St
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M5S 1C6

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